By Laci - United States
Today, I was stuck crouching over the toilet after a night of drinking. My fiancé walked in, gathered my hair, and held it out of the way. When another wave of nausea hit me and I leaned in, he shoved my face into the bowl and ran out, laughing and yelling, "That'll teach ya!" FML
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By  littlemissFYL  |  5

well if he said that, he obviously had a reason to. you were probably tipsy and drinking the night away. you're going to be a married woman soon, bro, I hope you're not going to do that when you have children too. YDI.

  littlemissFYL  |  5

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  littlemissFYL  |  5

77, no one said you can't drink while you're married, but if the girl spent her day in a toilet, that means she was drinking excessively. and you shouldn't be doing that if youre married, engaged or have children because when you're under the influence of alcohol things doesn't always end up pretty =)

  narrowords  |  18

Right... She could easily get the stomach flu or worse if any of that toilet water got into her mouth... Is the OP's fiance a twelve-year-old boy? Kick his judgmental ass.

  alliewillie  |  22

yes you are wrong. unless you were to clean your toilet every time you use it you have particles of feces and urine still in it and YES that can make you ill. do you drink out of your toilet when you're out of bottled water?

  sourgirl101  |  28

My toilets are always super clean but I would never put my face where asses go. I'd rather throw up outside or even in my garbage disposal. Toilet water always slashes up. I'd get even sicker than I already am if that happened.

  Elenachka  |  0

every time you flush the toilet, you send airborne shit/piss particles flying throughout quite a range of air, including into your face, toothbrush, etc. your body has probably already produced antibodies to fend prevent most viruses carried. I'm guessing MOST of whatever has been in there has been in her body already, via ingestion or from husband's contact. voila! immunity for life :) (bleach toilet after company?)