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Today, I was staying over at my boyfriend's house, sleeping in his sister's room while she is away at college. I left my necklace on her dresser. When I came back, it was gone. His mother saw it there and thought it was her daughter's necklace. She hid it so I wouldn't "steal it". FML
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I would get your boyfriend to steal it back. He must believe you.

An awful mother in law.. It's almost too cliché.


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1--Because they may be young enough that it wasn't allowed.

7, your probably right... she should have told his mother that she was staying in her room. and @ 3 no you weren't

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if it can be stolen, it's probably expensive.

its funny because his mom stole your necklace so you wouldn't steal it.

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the mom knew she was staying in the room, that's why she hid the necklace. damn, you people amaze me. I'm 24 and if I stayed at my boyfriends parents house, we would DEFINITELY not be sharing a room. some people are old fashioned, religious, strict, or just plain don't like the thought of their child ******* in their house. not that unreasonable

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wait why dont you just tell her its your necklace??

19 you make me laugh with your comments haha

then get him to give you a handjob, 43. IT'S A TRAP!

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OP, explain that it is yours, and ask for it back. It's not that hard.

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I agree. 19 is my favorite commenter. haha. but the mom is a bitch but she still allowed you to stay the night. I say get over it.

It's funny because peptobismo is a medicine

OP: Nice to know what his mother thinks about you.. FYL indeed. I hope you confronted her and also let her know that you would never steal and that she really offended you.

19- it's also funny because you're a bird and you can type

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obviously she did or she wouldnt have found out his mom took it and why... no where in the fml did it say she didnt...

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maybe she or he thought it was best if the didn't..

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#84, I'm not sure how many mothers by default think their son's girlfriend would steal from them, no matter the amount of time spent with said girlfriend. Now (this is purely hypothetical), if the OP has indicated shady actions in the past there could be cause for concern, but I think most people would be offended in some way if their significant other's parents didn't trust them right off the bat, and even more so if they've been a part of their lives for a while with no sign of untrustworthiness. But then again some mothers are just bat shit crazy and some people do actually steal things from important people around them. We just can't tell for sure in this case.

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NAIL.ON.THE.HEAD. finally some common sense! and you twits, stop being so perplexed at them not sleeping in the same bed, and read the other suggestions; or try to straighten out your moral compass long enough to grasp a few of the thousands of reasons for yourself.

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"if she was really sure the girl was a theif she wouldnt be sleeping in the house." Um...exactly, so the scenario of what happened is still weird. And I'm not really seeing your point here about expensive items because the necklace isn't the mother's, how in the world would she know how much it costs? She doesn't, so we can throw that argument out the window and just focus on the mother thinking OP is a theif, which again is strange considering who she is, her son's girlfriend. Unless she's rude or dresses like a punk (or something someone would judge her negatively on right off the bat) I'm not sure why the mom would think she'd steal anything from the house. And yes it would be different if it were cash because some women tend to leave their jewelry out, I know I do it all the time. It's not that uncommon, even with company over. I do agree with the fact that the mom doesn't want to take the chance, but there's a difference between random friends of her son's and her son's girlfriend, who they actually probably know well already considering they let her sleep over at their house.

1. because hes at his moms house witch either insinuates that he is underage or a huge mommas boy

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Well I guess I'll say it first then. You're an idiot. Go Away. Please. Your 25 years of wisdom doesn't automatically make you correct on every FML you post a comment on, but you seem to think it does since I've yet to see you roll over and back down from any argument you've gotten into on this site. Funny... Maybe it's you who doesn't get the argument, which is infact the mom thinking the OP is a theif, and not this unnecessary risk you keep going on about. Read the freaking FML: "She hid it so I wouldn't 'steal it.'" Notice it doesn't state "anyone," but the OP. I don't really see how you can mix that up. I don't even know why this turned into an argument because the "F" in the FML is clearly stated. So yeah...go be rude somewhere else because I don't do well with incompetence.

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my cousin who is 22 and moved into her dads for a while and we were all there hanging out with her and her boy friend and he made him go to his cousins at1 AM

#10, it could have been expensive and/or a gift from a loved one (who could by sick/dead).

I would get your boyfriend to steal it back. He must believe you.

An awful mother in law.. It's almost too cliché.

YDI for trying to steal his sister's necklace and lying about it on FML! YDI for NOT fornicating!

You forgot "YDI for not sleeping in the same room as your boyfriend!"

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you forgot ydi for being a woman.

That goes along with the "NOT fornicating" part :P

She doesn't necessarily have to sleep in his room after fornicating. Therefore, I feel it should be included. :P

Dis the troll just get corrected... and accepted it? And he's an anteater? I know I should put up something witty, but... you both rule.

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You should get your boyfriend to talk to her.

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1-Maybe they weren't allowed?

Dude, read the comments in response to #1 first before you post. I believe this was already said. >.

lol I know whydidnt you sleep in your bfs room?:O that's dumb what's the point of sleeping over..

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Maybe he lives somewhat far away and she was visiting? Maybe his parents didnt want them humping in their house? Maybe they are abstinent? Anything is possible...

In my experience, I don't have sleepovers just to hump my friend. Just sayin'.

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sleep in your bfa bed, have wild neklace stealing sex!

Your profile pic literally describes the comment you just made

maybe the necklace was a valuable from a grandparent or something.. so it is a big deal..