By Sophie - United Kingdom
Today, I was staying at my boyfriend's house for the first time. It's a small, old cottage in the countryside. I went up for a shower and didn't realise that the plug hole was blocked. Before I knew it, the bathroom floor was completely flooded and the ceiling below was dripping. FML
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  LouisianaBob  |  9

I was thinking that too but then again I've also never seen a shower with a plug so I have to wonder how high the rim is. I can only think of a bathtub having a plug in which case I find this fml all the more silly.

  Zaros_fml  |  24

Judging by the fact that it's a "small old cottage" I doubt it had a shower stall. Probably a bath tub with a showerhead fixture. The fact that it had a plug makes this even more probable.