By Garfield - Canada - Toronto
  Today, I was starting to get freaky with my boyfriend when his dad came in with no warning to let the dog into my boyfriend's bedroom. His dad noticed what was going on and covered the dog's eyes instead of just leaving. FML
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By  thejonac  |  21

your dad should have knocked bc that's only manners, but i honestly feel it was your fault for doing the deed with your boyfriend when you were 100% aware that you had a family member at home, esp since you didn't even bother to lock the door.

By  LPac5295  |  27

As if the dog knew what was going on. Anyway, it's annoying when people don't knock. If his dad is ok with you two being sexually active you could lock the door next time or do it when no one is home.

  LPac5295  |  27

That's probably true. Now the question is does the dog understand what human mating looks like. Unless they're doing it doggy style I think he's pretty clueless.

  Dallyni  |  22

Because dad knew they were in there?? The dog knew they were there and wanted in? My dog scratches at doors when we close them out of rooms so we let him in with is