By anonymous - United States - Forney
Today, I was started my week of camping alone in the woods. I took my shoes off to go to sleep, but I had to come out to get water. I stepped on a wasp, and while I was standing on one foot looking at the sting, I realized I was in an ant pile. I'm allergic to both. FML
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By  toolazytotype99  |  18

Sorry OP that really sucks. Camping is usually pretty awesome though, maybe bring some slides next time just in case. Hopefully you can get to a hospital and rest up. Better luck next time

  Welshite  |  39

Depends on how introverted you are, #9. Use the plastic loopy tunnel slides if you want to be popular. Set up a metal slide in the sun if you want to send the majority of your fellow campers to the hospital with third degree burns. You might be called evil, but the campground will be nice and quiet once the screams die down. I like to camp in peace.

By  beachtrash  |  7

Going out for a week alone, I assume you're not new to camping. You know better. Search the ground area better before pitching your tent. There is no excuse for having an ant hill at your tent door. But the wasp piling on is not really your fault. Did the incident end your trip early, or did you bring enough meds for more than one allergy emergency?