By ballerphilip23 - Austria
Today, I was standing on the packed bus home when I had a speck of dust in my lenses. As I couldn't rub it out, I tried blinking it out for the next five minutes. Then the hot girl opposite me screams "Stop winking at me, you bastard! Don't even think about it, you ugly fuck!" FML
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By  Luckster  |  0

I woulda given her a swift slap across the face.

Don't you love how every woman thinks you're looking right at them just because of the direction you're facing?

By  ohhhhshizzz  |  0

what a self centered BIATCHH. seriously. I would have been like get over yourself skank.

BUT I see where she is coming from, because I can be walking to the mall with my friends & get hit on by old creepy guys, so I also understand. But seriously, no need to be rude. Just be like hey dude, can you stop winking at me,