By danyelicindereli - United States
Today, I was standing around looking out the window at work when it became really dark and windy and started to pour. I watched a shopping cart fly across the parking lot thinking how funny it'd be if it hit someone's car. It hit mine. I need a new headlight. FML
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  MrCatman1125  |  2

Shouldn't you be doing work instead of being on FML?

Not everyone works constantly, and your no exception. Have you never looked out a window? Or are you always busy working? The Op could be 16 to, and unemployed!

By  airandfingers  |  0

Ouch. Hope you have "comprehensive" insurance instead of just collision or liability insurance!
Also, I would think you'd only need a new headlight cover, not a new bulb or anything.. Still costly but not too bad.

By  keoct  |  4

Same thing happened to my boss... It was beautiful it went right between 2 parked cars and smashed his headlight as he was trying to run after the cart.