By AllThatJazz - United States
Today, I was stage managing a school show. Some kids were goofing off backstage, so I yelled at them that they could hurt themselves. While walking back to my chair, I tripped over my own feet and fell 5 feet off the stage. I shattered my cheekbone telling kids they would hurt themselves. FML
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  MaydayParadexx  |  18

That's part of the stage manager's job. If you went to a show and couldn't hear it because people were too loud goofing off backstage, you'd be mad. So the stage manager keeps them quiet.

By  blue_bunnie  |  0

stage managing is definitely an easy way to get hurt. it's even worse when you have to keep an eye out for kids too. i once worked an orchestral show and somehow a music stand got caught on the scrim and was hanging above the students for half of the show before anyone saw it. that could've ended so badly

By  ohhhhshizzz  |  0

#2: how is the OP not smart.
#4: you have obviously have never been in a production, it is really hard and hectic so you this isn't a YDI.

FML, yeah I can imagine the hurt too. Damnnn.
And one, its not funny to say first. No one cares, besides you are the worst!