By AllThatJazz - / Wednesday 15 April 2009 20:06 / United States
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That's part of the stage manager's job. If you went to a show and couldn't hear it because people were too loud goofing off backstage, you'd be mad. So the stage manager keeps them quiet.

stage managing is definitely an easy way to get hurt. it's even worse when you have to keep an eye out for kids too. i once worked an orchestral show and somehow a music stand got caught on the scrim and was hanging above the students for half of the show before anyone saw it. that could've ended so badly

#2: how is the OP not smart. #4: you have obviously have never been in a production, it is really hard and hectic so you this isn't a YDI. FML, yeah I can imagine the hurt too. Damnnn. And one, its not funny to say first. No one cares, besides you are the worst!

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