By Gioia - 30/04/2013 12:28 - Bulgaria - Vidin

Today, I was so nervous about a first date that trying to break a silence in the beginning, I asked, "So, you afraid of any insects?" No wonder I didn't get a second date. FML
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The irony is that he had a phobia of social butterflies.

I don't see anything wrong in that question, maybe bit weird but.. yeah.


Don't worry hun, better luck next time :)

I do the same stuff, OP. Just be yourself.. You'll find someone who enjoys your randomness and awkwardness, and it'll be the best thing in the world. ^_^ As 2 said, better luck next time, hun. C:

Aw I agree, OP I think you sound adorable for being nervous! Obviously hes not the type you can be odd and random around, and thats boring as hell. Better luck next time!

Sweetheart, that totally blows. He obviously just didn't understand you were nervous.

Personally, I would have found the question quite interesting, and that would have lead to a long conversation. Maybe I'm just weird like that.

While I don't know about a long conversation (my response is perpetually 'kill it with fire!!!!'), I do think it could be an interesting enough ice breaker. At the very least, it's a smidge overkill that they wouldn't ask for a second date just because of that :/ poor OP! Next time will be better for sure.

I'm just wondering like what exactly did he say afterwards? Like was he like "" Then promptly got up and left? Like did anything happen in between the time you said that and the date ending? Not saying that that's a bad way to start a convo but maybe he just felt awkward? :/

Yeah, I'm thinking that too. Is this a question that you aren't supposed to ask on the first date? I thought that was the purpose of dating: to get to know one another?

I don't see anything wrong in that question, maybe bit weird but.. yeah.

I think it's cute :)

Nerves always get to the best of us. Keep your chin up dude. Better luck to ya in the future. :)

The irony is that he had a phobia of social butterflies.

He was probably nervous...just needed to break out of his cocoon.

Subtle cry for help, maybe?

Usually a boring but simple opener would be, 'so tell me about yourself?'

That's more of an interview

Friends with dental, health, and auto benefits.

Yea 28, that's exactly how it feels like to me whenever I'm asked that by a guy - or by anyone really. It's why can't they just be specific? It's so generic.

"Aww, Aragog, he just doesn't understand you. I'm sure someone will come along who will accept you for who you are."

Eh, maybe you were just bugging him...

"Trying to break a silence, I unleashed gale force winds,eloquently, from my lower extremities."

You brought back his deathly phobia of insects... no wonder!