By Anon - 25/05/2011 05:28 - United States

Today, I was so lonely that I was comforted by the sound of mice running through the walls of my apartment. I left cheese and peanut butter out for them to find so that I could at least have a pet for company. FML
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haha until they have friends over and you have 40 Pets that you don't want


I love the mices... they talkes to me and tell me to do things...

am i the only one who's kind of irritated by all the FMLs posted by people with problems talking about their problems? like why would you share this stuff

yes thats the point...OP did say FML so I think they realize this...

u know that u said mices? like mice is already pluralized, lmao

I honestly don't even know what to say to this OP... I'm sorry though, go outside o.o'

23- You're not the only one. Any FML to do with facebook is likely to be one of them, it's always some guy complaining he has to fake his life.

If you have a dishwasher turn the water off. it sucks when they chew through the water hose and fill your house with water.

lol yeah but then they also said "talkes" and I'm doubting it was a typo lol

#23 correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's the general idea of this site............just sayin'

Aww I know how you feel

peanut butter will give the things a heart attack you know.....

then u get a deadmau5....

Here's an idea: Buy a cat. Solve two problems with one solution.

why is it an FML having mice as pets is cool

haha until they have friends over and you have 40 Pets that you don't want

exactly what I was thinking...^

I think part of this FML is that this lady doesn't have many friends though

haha he's talking about the mice having friends over. "sarcasm"

That's pretty sad. FYL OP :/

A Couple of friends is better than no friends, regardless of the species lol

So you would say having a couple of pet plants is better than having no friends? Both sound equally shitty to me...

get a rat from the pet store. then you can keep it free of diseases. and it learns you are family and likes to cuddle with you.

I pity the man that needs company so bad fyl no one deserves that

Seriously? How about a decent pet like a cat or a rabbit instead, OP?

or a dog, instead of a freakin feline

cats and dogs both make lovely pets.

apparently OP just prefers mice.

A cat would help with that rodent problem.

Captain you made me lulz. I don't know why people are giving you thumbs down.

The OPs building might not allow dogs or cats. Try a goldfish or a canary OP?

or or a monkey :)

lol ur pictures a cat

Since when is a rabbit decent?

you're pretty cute :)

I have a pet rabbit........

get a puppy or something. dogs are good companions.

Instead of a crazy cat lady, you'll be a crazy mouse lady.

You are just asking for trouble, OP.

That's not a pet, it's a rodent infestation. Get a cat and you'll solve both problems.

Get a cat and then it can eat your mice :D No more mice in the walls