By Lonely - 17/06/2011 03:25 - United States

Today, I was so lonely that I left the TV on for company. The power went out. FML
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FAP= Forever Alone Party

Sounds like a party.


angiedancesalott 8

i guess thats gods way of telling you you have no life.

QwertyMcNugget 0

People this lonely are so sad! Dx

OP should play neopets when the power recovers.

Use chatroullete brah.

jbluebird923 0


How is watching tv company op? it's not like they're talking to you or you can talk back! If you do then you have serious issues. Maybe you should invest in a generator lol

angiedancesalott 8

im not mean. im just stating the truth.

MeBeYourFriend 0

yeah shes just stating the truth. Like really? TV for company? thats pretty pathetic and it shows you have nothing to do and no life. Pretty simple


XXizzlerXX 0

a tv for company?! u should go outside or call ur friends up..

64. LMAO. Love that movie.

64-most people won't get it but I do

EnterChoose 1

There are some shows you can actually talk back to. For example, Dora. "Can you find the map?"

Good reference 64

angiedancesalott 8

lmfao @ 64x


angiedancesalott 8

115, commented on my birthdayy. nicee(:

damn, it just got better and better didn't it

Sounds like a party.

raysfan4 0

Fun fun fun fun (lookin' forward to the weekend)

Don't start please. •___•

Hey! Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today it is Friday, Friday. We-we-we so lonely, because I know all the lyrics to a stupid song.

FAP= Forever Alone Party

LOL! That's a good one.

Ha..ha.. *wipes tear*

5 now we just need one for MASTERBATE.

mintcar 9

Hahaha, aw that sucks. Hope you find a way to get over your loneliness.

dmmcintyre3 8

not all power failures are because someone did not pay the bill.

calebacleveland 0

Nah, but it's funny to think that is why his power went out. Don't ruin it man.

HahaYDI 0

Ha, you're like my dog. He gets lonely when I leave the house so I leave my radio on for him.

AuburnBoi17 5

Guess the tv doesn't wanna b ur friend either

Iwashere12345 0

sad life, OP, sad life. even TV's don't like you

TylersMB 0

oh well! lol go to sleep

Well go make friends or something! Get out the house or something.