By Metallurge - 13/03/2015 03:02 - United Kingdom - Belfast

Today, I was so hungry when I finished work that I grabbed some chips to eat on the bus home. The guy who sat next to me spat in them as he left to get off. FML
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The fucks up with him? Rude.

Ihavegas 22

lets hope a seagull shits on him


The fucks up with him? Rude.

Totally agree with #1, next time spit on him, it will be his just desserts :)

03stroker03 13

he just didn't them being too dry?

Thats just all kinds of fucked up...

maybe he was making a statement op was chewing loudly being chips n all? totally a duck move to not even say anything first and regardless for spitting on someone's stuff.

@#40 Yeah, what a quack

I would have followed him out and beat the shit out of him

I can kinda imagine why he would do this. Maybe he had a bad day and the last thing he wanted was some guy sitting next to him munching chips in his ear. Could just not be a fatty and wait until you get off the bus to snack.

#65, I agree with you up until the last part. I get very weak and irritable when I'm hungry and my blood sugar level is low. Screw what others think, if you're hungry and you're allowed to eat on the bus then you eat!

Since this FML was from the UK, they most likely mean chips as in fries. Unless they were really crispy, I doubt they'd be that loud when chewing them.

Ihavegas 22

lets hope a seagull shits on him

maybe that might teach him a lesson at destroying good food!

...wait. We're any chips with spittle consumed? If not, I think the OP kind of lucked out. I'd rather have a ruined bag of chips than eat someone else's spit.

I'll translate this for you - OP bought some fries. Usually in a big box, or a bag. This guy spat on them, essentially contaminating the entire meal. The whole meal was ruined, and the chances of touching the spit are too high to even take the risk. So, OP couldn't eat any of it.

I doubt OP would continue eating after someone spit in it, whether it's a bag of chips or a box of fries.

ExtremeEncounter 32

#35 He said fries because this was posted from the United Kingdom.

Yeah I know, I said bag of chips because #3 thought it was potato chips, since they said 'bag of chips.' EDIT: I saw that #31 said fries/chips can come in bags. Silly me.

Hope you didn't keep eating

There are some crazy people out there.

whyme203 15

Some people are just assholes who take up space and resources. Sorry OP that's really messed up

Ewe, that's so gross.

Maybe he was trying to add flavor...?

What a cock sucker.