By Floof - / Monday 15 February 2010 13:35 / United States
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  login6437  |  0

Omg i like just did this. I was drivig home from school and i yawned for a long time then under my head by my chin I get hecka weird like it was tightening up or something.

  ladiesman14  |  0

i pulled a muscle in ny face eating a girl once hurts like hell. and 1 time my thighs fell asleep sitting on the john. i think my penis fell asleep on the excercise bike at the gym too. either that or i left a 9 inch hot dog in my pants.

  xundria  |  5

This made me lulz. Thank you.


I know, but by the time I hit submit, checked my spelling, and tried to edit it, the time expired and this is what you get. That, and I felt too lazy to post a reply pointing out my mistake.

By  xundria  |  5

Lmao! Nice.

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