By littlegirl - 07/05/2011 04:46 - Canada

Today, I was sitting with my crush at lunch. Trying to flirt, I tried to stare seductively into his eyes while sucking on my straw. I missed. The straw shot straight up my nose, causing me the worst nose bleed of my life. FML
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Stare seductively? I bet you scared the shit out of him with your creepy stare.

well at least you made an impression!


lol how cute i would of just said it happens to the best of us

how cute? it's actually annoying when girls TRY to act cute in front of guys. OP deserved it.

this FML is an true FML

Hey, who knows, maybe he's a vampire in which case you DID turn him on.

well at least you made an impression!

I see what you did there

It may not be a good impression but it's still an impression.

Not really.. what kind of guy wants a girl who can't aim towards her mouth..

87 im pretty sure he was being sarcastic..

97, 87 would have to be stupid to not know that 4 was being sarcastic. ever heard of two people making sarcastic remarks? lol

Don't bother trying to act cute... just get on your knees and--JK, but really, don't bother trying to act cute... shut like that will happen... again.

oooooo!! she said a bad woooood!!

made it an actual bloody Mary I see

littlegirl? Are you in elementary school? Was the straw from a juice box?

Stare seductively? I bet you scared the shit out of him with your creepy stare.

hahahahahaha LMFAO

pahahah! thts funny!:)

Well now he knows where not to stick it.

next time, use a banana, it won't fit in ur nose

I always break my banana into pieces before I eat them. Even when I'm home alone. I don't know why but I just do.(:

I do that with those big pickles lol

yet. key word "yet". it won't fit into her nose yet

well, 47/67, u seem to have an aversion to put cylindrical objects in your mouth, on behalf of the male population that's unfortunate:-p BUT WAIT!!! there is a cure!!! and it takes lots of practice...

that takes a lot if skill to do what you did

yea true, also courage