By MYLIFESUX - United States
Today, I was sitting using my laptop, I was also eating a bag of starbursts. They bag slid off the bed, I went to catch them and in the process my knee hit my laptop which flew off the bed onto the wooden floor, and shattered. I broke my $2,500 laptop to save 11 starbursts from falling. FML
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  ZXDriver  |  0

There are other companies aside from Mac that produce expensive products. Plus, if it were a Mac, it might have come out fine. They're all metal (aluminum). I bet you just wish you had one.


I know from personal experience that macs r better. I experimented with pcs and all of them overheated and had incredibly slow connection. They froze all the time and had endless problems. The only company that didnt have a single problem was apple so i agree with u. Macs are great computers?

By  trucanadian  |  0

Wow youre a dumbass for buying a 2500 dollar comp. Most macs aren't even that expensive but you deserved it for being a filthy mac user.

You know, you could have gotten a pc with the same specs for 700, right?

  annihil8or  |  15

Ya then they the give u the "it's prettier" bs lol and A"it kills pc in battery life", but I'm too dumb to know what a 12 cell battery is haha