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Well, what color were most of them?

That's what you get for buying a Mac


Well, what color were most of them?

I agree with 108...starbursts are the best

you can pick em up after they fall. mac or pc? pc not a big deal mc: DAMNSHIT!!!!!!!!!

Kidding me right?!?! Pc worth way more than shitty Mac!

That's backwards

That's what you get for buying a Mac

There are other companies aside from Mac that produce expensive products. Plus, if it were a Mac, it might have come out fine. They're all metal (aluminum). I bet you just wish you had one.

What if it's 1 of those gaming pcs? Those cost that much

If op bought an expensive gaming laptop, thats still pretty ridiculous

You know that Automatic Reflexes do not require the brain, so literally his body made the decision without his mind? It's not fair.

#2 fails. xD Macs are wonderful machines. And how do you know it was a Mac anyways? Anyways...I approved this one! :D

How many PCs do you know of that are $2500?

I know from personal experience that macs r better. I experimented with pcs and all of them overheated and had incredibly slow connection. They froze all the time and had endless problems. The only company that didnt have a single problem was apple so i agree with u. Macs are great computers?

how did I know? It was OVER 2000 DOLLARS!!!

inb4 mac vs pc debate. anyway, you saved them right? stop complaining. :(

Wow youre a dumbass for buying a 2500 dollar comp. Most macs aren't even that expensive but you deserved it for being a filthy mac user. You know, you could have gotten a pc with the same specs for 700, right?

yea I got a toshiba laptop for 700 , way better value for money ;D

Ya then they the give u the "it's prettier" bs lol and A"it kills pc in battery life", but I'm too dumb to know what a 12 cell battery is haha

Yea exempt the same specs on the Mac last a dozen years longer

EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, the things we do for love.

LOL! Nice dude! At least you have something to munch on while it's getting..fixed? x]

#3 - It was over $2000 and shattered from one drop. That's how he knows it's a mac.