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Today, I was sitting on the chair-lift on a ski trip. There was a shift in gears and the metal in the seat began to vibrate. My dad, sister, and step-mom were all on the lift with me, not feeling a thing. It's terribly awkward to converse with your family while you involuntarily orgasm. FML
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She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes.

Sounds like that lift ticket payed for itself.


Geekyandproud 19

That must have been horrible :( Sorry OP

Kind of a paradox, horribly orgasmic. Alright that just sounds wrong

No worse than the time I was on the phone with an old friend and she gave the phone to her mom as we were planning my visit. When a bout of terrible diarrhea came over me and I had to keep muting and unmuting and holding it as we talked. Was extremely awkward to say the least.

@40 You could have just hung up.. Unlike OP who was stuck there.

Ohh oh no.

if it's a choice between an orgasm or the squits i think i know what i'd prefer

Am I the only one wondering if OP gets turned on way too easily or it has been way too long since she last had an orgasm?

Sounds like that lift ticket payed for itself.

Suddenly, a skiing trip doesn't sound too bad.

zingline89 18

A ski lift is better at giving orgasms than me. No wonder my girlfriend left me.

Are you sure you want to admit that in public?

That takes some balls, admitting that.

mega20913 8

F #3's Life

jojimugo 20

The first step is realizing you have a problem dude ,... But damn

zingline89 18

Or I could just be being facetious as usual. This didn't actually happen

SApprentice 34

Now, now, no need to retract your statement with us. We're all friends here, we understand.

Hahaha zing, once you joke about it you can't take it back on here! You'll forever be known as Skilift!

GwennaRose 22

3 I'm sure all you need is a good teacher

That sounds quite suggestive, does that mean you're giving lessons?

In that case, ski lifts are better than me too!

69- your comment plus the number your comment is made it 100 times funnier...

Or they just wanted the admiration that would come from having the balls of making said confession. It's a karma conspiracy! Oh wait, not on Reddit, my bad, carry on.

No wonder people like skiing so much! They orgasm on the way up a slope and get pumped up on adrenaline on the way down!

wlddog 14

Thats the kind of vacation I wanna go on.

The other people in the gondola always get all weird when i rub one out on the way up.

Next stop some skiing place

New hobby,. Learn how to ski,. Go skiing

She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes.

zingline89 18

Now that song brings me back to my childhood! Oh, and on a side note, thanks for ruining my childhood.

Oops! Sorry. The song brings me new meaning! (: ***And on my side note, I would love to see what all the hype is with such a ski lift. I've never seen snow and there aren't any mountains since I'm in Miami but I have water skied before. Not very good at it. I tend to want to lie down whenever my crotch gets wet. :P

I found snow skiing to be easier then water for some reason. Though I haven't done either since I was pretty young. I'd probably crack my skull like a coconut either way now.

kut17 11

My nephew was listening to that song. I had to excuse myself when it said "I'll be sharing a bed with Grandma when she comes".

I like to lie down with my husband when my crotch gets wet... Each to their own though;)

Omigosh that's hilarious

I know the feeling...about living in Miami anyway not the crotch getting wet part.

While I haven't had a similar experience with a ski lift, skiing itself can be quite arousing. There's all this wet, white stuff everywhere, and the terrain gets pretty hairy if it's not groomed regularly.

Hey i'm from Miami too!! An snow skiing's much easier and so much fun.

Yessi_Boo 14

I'm in miami, too. I know that feels, bro

never seen snow?! god I wish.. canadian probs.

lishajoy777 14

Well apparently you had to like it...

Mister_Triangle 21

Some people orgasm during rape. It's as disconnected from enjoyment as vomiting when someone sticks their hand down your throat is from actually feeling sick.

Greatest thing I read all day

untouchable763 10

I always wonder how awkward it would be if the OPs family or someone they knew would read these. Any who I'm guessing you will be on the slopes again soon.

94yhy 8

Not as awkward as OP's boyfriend reading this, who has failed time after time trying to give her an orgasm.

He was able to give her an orgasm, all he has to do is take her skiing, wheres the nearest skiing place by SI, this seems so much easier than trying to do anything yourself

JJ_Rokk 10

You know, you can buy that for a much cheaper price on eBay... Somewhere... Somewhere perverted...

8Who buys a ski lift on eBay? O.ó

Justin, is that you?

he meant a sex toy -_-

...and the jokes ruined

BellaBelle_fml 23

The joke ruined itself. It needed no help.

You must be able to orgasm pretty easily. I've skied (sp?) a lot and never had that happen.

I'm just a wee bit jealous actually...