By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I was sitting on the bus when an obese woman with flu came to sit beside me. After snorting hideously for five minutes, she picked up her scarf, blew her nose into it and dropped it. It fell on my lap. When I stood up to leave the bus, there were streaks of snot on my new skirt. FML
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  ajohnson2318  |  0

I love how she throws in the "obese" part, as if getting snot on you from a skinny or normal sized person wouldn't have been as bad haha. ewwww fat person snot!! yum skinny person snot!!! :)

  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

I would just look at her, stick my finger down my throat and throw up on her, and tell her to have a nice day. can't forget to be polite in these types of situations.

  ridikulous  |  0

it wudnt have been as bad Ajohnson, fat ppl are gross on their own. then she got snot on OP. thats 1 gross plus 1 gross = 2 gross. 2 gross is more gross than 1 gross of course. lets be serious.