By Anonymous - 07/12/2010 09:38 - United Kingdom

Today, I was sitting on the bus when an obese woman with flu came to sit beside me. After snorting hideously for five minutes, she picked up her scarf, blew her nose into it and dropped it. It fell on my lap. When I stood up to leave the bus, there were streaks of snot on my new skirt. FML
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I love how she throws in the "obese" part, as if getting snot on you from a skinny or normal sized person wouldn't have been as bad haha. ewwww fat person snot!! yum skinny person snot!!! :)

Fat people are gross, it just adds to the grossness of it.

there are some people that just dont give a **** lol

some of you guys have obviously never sat next to a large person on the bus or plane. i dont care if someones fat or not, gimme some space please

I would just look at her, stick my finger down my throat and throw up on her, and tell her to have a nice day. can't forget to be polite in these types of situations.

it wudnt have been as bad Ajohnson, fat ppl are gross on their own. then she got snot on OP. thats 1 gross plus 1 gross = 2 gross. 2 gross is more gross than 1 gross of course. lets be serious.

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it's not her fault she was snorting hideously, she obviously has the flu.

It could have been worse, snot that bad. You should have told her off, eh?

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true..thats what you get for not speaking up. ppl walk all over you

Uhmm it's not her fault she's sick, everybody gets sick( especially during flu season )

oh my god. that's just extremely disgusting. ewwwwwww!!!

ewww i woulda slapped that bitch. that's just disgusting.

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I agree with you, don't let ppl run over you

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aww, that's sad and gross. what's up with all the barbaric people these days? and why didn't you cuss her out? nasty ass lady.

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Ugh! I want to jump in the shower and scrub myself from head to toe after reading this! Yuck yuck yuck!

jump in the shower after throwing the skirt in the washing machine, don't want to get all squeaky clean and then have to deal with the mess...

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What is it lately with FML's about obese women on busses?

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I was thinking the same thing. FMLs seem to appear in numbers.

or maybe fat people like to attack in packs 0.0

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No, they're just making busses with larger doors these days. The morbidly obese are becoming more mobile.

ppl make them up to make fat jokes immature kids nothing new

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