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Today, I was sitting on a plane waiting for everyone to get on. A cute guy around my age had the option of sitting next to me or an old guy. He gave me a horrified look and immediately sat next to the old man. I got to sit next to his mother. She evil eyed me the whole time. FML
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It amazes me that people can be so rude and superficial. *facepalm*

Maybe he didn't think you were ugly...maybe he thought you were really cute and said to himself, "Eesh! Better not sit next to a pretty girl...I'll never hear the end of it from mom!" And when his mom saw you (the pretty girl) staring at her son, she got angry because NO ONE is good enough for her baby boy!! Thus him avoiding the seat next to you and her giving you dirty looks. It's more of a compliment, really...


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It amazes me that people can be so rude and superficial. *facepalm*

xD notice how it says "ugly me" for the title?

I've seen some pretty hideous people in the Southwest gate areas before. On the bright side, you could just have been wearing an awful or inappropriate outfit instead of being that scary ugly... Don't imagine you'd get the evil eye all flight for being ugly.

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he was afraid of his mom, not you

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Me thinks the mother and son were just stupid inbreds. Don't blame yourself OP, the world is full of stupid people.

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it's either op is extremely ugly or the guy is gay

no biggy, your boner probably turned him off.

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16- you're a douche and your profile is a fail.

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At least my profile is grammatically correct and doesn't contain punctuation errors over two sentences. Your profile is lame, and contains no imagination. So enough of your jibba jabba.

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you failed to 'prove yourself' you really are a conceited douche. I'm not here to win a fictional essay contest, which btw, you wouldn't win any prizes yourself. blah blah blah GFY...

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So sure of yourself, hmm? Going off about this and that, and saying I'm a conceited douche. Interesting...

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This argument is boring and dumb.

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agreed with ohsuzykuew and #50 :)

I agree with 38. his profile has imagination. her profile is the fail.

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52- if u think it's so dumb why'd u start it, u should know saying something like that WILL start an argument on fml.

I have a degree in FML argumentative process analyzation. With this, I hereby declare knibbsy the winner of this disagreement. Everyone involved may now go in peace, although knibbsy gets a cookie.

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bing-Tom... there's something on your face.. Tom-what? bing- a beard Tom-oh................... Tom-.................................. Tom- ....AHHHHH GET IT OFFF!!!!!

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Yo, OhSuzy bitch, GTFO. The rules if the internet state a few things. A few of them are Nothing is Sacred, Don't Take Anything Seriously, **** or GTFO, and Anything you do and say WILL be used against you. So here's my response. **** OR GTFO. LERN2SPEEL BITCH LOLOLOLOL FATTY KTNXBAI That is all.

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You probably look like his crazy ex.

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Reaction time was extraordinary! Expeditious bitch...

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That's what I assumed as well. Does it make me a rude bitch too?

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Yes, it does. Just because the guy she's talking about was potentially good looking, doesn't mean OP was bad looking. The guy could have awful taste, or she could have been attractive and he could have been gay or married. Don't assume that OP is bad looking, just because you want to believe a good looking guy would make the logical choice of not sitting next to someone considerably unfortunate looking. Also, you don't have to be fat to be ugly. Knibbsy, your view is flawed. Tsk tsk.

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ooooh. too bad you're fat AND ugly.

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This is not a place for trash talking. If you have a comment that is relating to the story, feel free to post. Otherwise, this is not a chat room. We do not condone attacks on users or the publishers.

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sorry brah. wont happen again

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i can trash talk the OP tho, raaite?

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Hey, I never said you had to be fat to be ugly. I know ugly skinny people. Your logic about me is flawed. I'm not a rude bitch, I'm a pessimist (sometimes). And I usually assume negatives before positives.Plus, it makes it more enjoyable for me to picture a ugly Lindsay Lohan-ish girl!

Maybe you should look on the bright side more often :)

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You said earlier that she was a big flat blob. That's not nice and besides you assume OP is ugly, because it's always easier for people to assume the worst in people. You will get nowhere in life if you don't broaden your horizons. Things aren't always what they appear. I believe you're better than that.

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I do look on the bright side often, but it's usually never more than a glance. I wasn't calling OP a big fat blob of fat, I was saying that is something that may have been on her face. A nose job gone horribly wrong? An obsession with chewing on big blobs of fat? The possibilities are endless. And if you expect negatives, you will never be surprised if it turns out to be true, but if it turns out good then you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Better to expect the good in people than to anticipate the worst. You will only miss out. 'Tis you that will suffer in the end. This story could go many different ways.

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I used to expect the good until I realized too many people are up to no good. Being let down sucks, and not expecting too much has made me a stronger person.

wtf is wrong with you people? It's quite ******* obvious that's pretty darn ugly if even she thinks that was the reason(hence the Ugly Me nick), ******* retards.

yah she's prolly the ugliest **** in her town. **** people

she could be pretty but the guy was prob out of her league anyway

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I was thinking more along the lines of punching her in the face but that works too

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yet another uncomfortable akward flight moment...might as well have fun with should have started talking to her about how cute you thought her son was...the dirty looks from her could have been priceless!!

She evil eyed you because she wanted to sit next to the old man. duh.

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