By Redfaced - 15/05/2013 16:54 - United Kingdom - Walsall

Today, I was sitting next to an attractive man. Much to my surprise, he started stroking his foot against mine. I was happy at the flirting because I've been attracted to him forever, so I played along. That's when he stood up and explained he was trying to stretch out a cramp. FML
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Guess you didnt find love in a hopeless place.

Well he should've been more careful honestly who randomly strokes people?


Guess you didnt find love in a hopeless place.

at least she can still find dove in a soapless place.

#8 Your picture makes me hungry every time! WHY?!?

Lets hope she doesn't find bugs in a roachless place.

you'll never find stoners in a dopeless place.

You guys making fun of song lyrics, always reminding me of somebody that I used to know.

I once found love in a hobo's face

I can't keep up with you damn hipsters, I'm still preoccupied with 1985.

You mean when we had U2 and Blondie. And they still showed music on MTV?

Those were the good, those were the 70s. But still.

I guess you really put your foot in it that time

I think OP was wrong footed...

You could even say that they got off on the wrong foot.

Well he should've been more careful honestly who randomly strokes people?

The guy in your photo.

Billy Squier

Stroke me, stroke me!

Lol why did this get thumbs down? Nice bs reference!

"He started stroking his foot against mine". At what point did you consider this to be flirting?

Depends, at what age does a man stop engaging in footsie? More importantly, what guy STARTS it? The cramp stretch would make more sense to me.

She was desperate for a man

Rejection... Ouch.

No shit Sherlock Holmes

Whoa, that's a pretty unused comeback there :^)

Gosh people are so fucking mean u know what fuck all u people who thumb people down and are smart asses

it's the internet get over it...

4 - Subcription notice: FML would just like to remind you of your surroundings. This is the home of rejects, smartasses, and judgmental people. If you don't like it here, you're in the wrong place.

And to prove 50's point, 50, you forgot a 4. It should be 44, not 4. (Don't worry, I'm just proving your point)

57 - Oh, my! You're absolutely correct. My apologies!

Were you hoping to wake up next to him with his foot stroking your face? Shhh.... you're Ok.

"Didn't mean to wake you."

Doesn't mean he's not interested. Try again!

#10, absolutely! Keep trying, OP! A restraining order just means that you have almost got him. Quitting is for losers.

Yeah bc s&m play and stalking is the true form of all love.

Who plays footsie to get rid of a cramp?

Your picture makes me hungry...

It's okay, everyone has those awkward moments. Laugh it off!