By swaiteATC - United States
Today, I was sitting in the break room at work eating lunch when I started to choke. My face turned red and tears began welling up in my eyes. Two of my coworkers were there. They began to argue over who would have to give me the heimlich maneuver rather than helping. FML
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  Darth_Taco  |  14

I'm so ashamed of myself, that made me laugh.

OP, I got one for you. A few years ago I was hanging out with some friends. They said something funny and I started choking on my food. Fortunately, I know how to give myself the Heimlich maneuver because they kicked me out of the room and into the bathroom because they didn't want me to mess up the carpet >:(.

By the way, you just bend over as far as possible and cough your hardest. You have to cough it a few times to get enough force.