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Damn how hungover were you?

If he, by any chance, stole a cop car and parked it in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. with a note that said, "Couldn't find a meter, so here's $4." then yes, he's a moron.


So, you're a moron? Just checking.

No, you are. Just your profile picture is enough to make me say that. ^O^

his about me is a lie too o_0

Nice tongue ring.

If he, by any chance, stole a cop car and parked it in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. with a note that said, "Couldn't find a meter, so here's $4." then yes, he's a moron.

"wearing sunglasses and disguises, cuz my split personalitys havin an identity crisis";)

Surprised to see 1s comment buried. I thought it was good for this fml..

1- so you have no visible neck? Just checking.

-1, how many dimes are you holding under those fat rolls?

HowAreYouToday 34

Fat, douche baggy people: they have VIP tickets to the world of FAIL!!!!

The only way I could imagine them as a moron is if they make a face like #1's...

using words like castigate doesn't make you a moron in my book.

Good thing you didn't mutter something about the bj with your mom...


Talking to yourself isn't that bad. It's when you start answering yourself that you know you have problems. A shrink might not be a bad idea.

a shrink? but my girlfriend said my penis cant possibly shrink anymore...

HOLY SHIT, aj AND Flockz replying to MY comment?! :D I've died and gone to FML heaven

Sorry to hear about your smallness. I believe OP might not be having the same issues as you though.

I reply to this comment too!! :)

Nixer, all you need now is Boners and you will officially be winning

Just need a couple thumbs up now to really live the dream.

I answer myself sometimes, but it's ony like when I'm thinking about something in my head and I either can't remember or find out the answer so I ask someone out loud and then I'm like "OH! This this and this. Nevermind I figured it out" and then I get a weird look from my mom.

45- that's exactly what I was thinking. If Boners actually commented...I would be on freaking cloud 9

Thank you FML, for removing all the comments on this post. I now have zero proof that flockz and AJ replied to my comment. I have lost all respect for you today!!!

he obviously needed a twix

Damn how hungover were you?

Apparently very. How do you not hear yourself talking? Especially if you have a hangover that bad, even the sound of your own voice should be enough to make your head pound.

I never get hung over. I have blacked out from drinking and I still felt fine when I woke up :/. Is being hung over like having a head ache well being nauseated?

3- Hung over enough to puke on your profile pic. Even I'm getting nauseous from it.

Hey weed makes the pics move

To #41: It's because your 15 and you blackout from one drink.

91- alcohol affects people differently lol I was 18 drinkin alot of beer and stuff, yet my friend who was 21 couldn't drink 2 beers without vomitting lol just depends really

At least you've given them something to talk about! Good luck living that one down!

Suck it up champ!

Just can't catch a break in this world, eh?

And the silence of awkwardness begins...

Must have been pretty entertaining if they all shut up to listen to you o.O

Hahaha, sounds like you're still a bit drunk to be talking to yourself out loud at the office!

Thank you for re-iterating the FML for everybody. I didn't understand The underlying cause behind OP's awkward situation when I read that they were hung over