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Today, I was sitting in a theater waiting for the movie to start when a hot guy sat next to me. Trying to impress him, I made seemingly witty comments to my friend throughout the movie. When it ended he loudly complained to his friends about the annoying girl sitting next to him. FML
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filmmyheart, what are you some kind of sexist bitch who thinks all guys are dumb? She shouldn't have been talking during the movie. I wouldve have turned to her and told her to make me a sandwich and stfu.

  JuroBear  |  0

Stfu and watch the movie.
Most guys I know including myslef don't care about how smart you think you are, as long as you fuck well and can make a damn good sandwich.


hey jurobear, can I have your address? I need it so I can come over, strip, put your cock in my mouth, and oh so sexily BITE IT OFF so sexist bitches like you can't feel pleasure again. don't worry, I swallow.

By  Bleep_fml  |  0

Agree with #2. Nothing is more irritating than people talking all through a movie, especially if they're sitting next to you. What effect did you assume it would have? Him thinking "maybe she'll shut up if I put my dick in her mouth"?

By  24788  |  6

People try to get into the movie when they're watching it. It's annoying when someone talks during the entire movie.

You could have been more patient and introduced yourself after the movie.