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That amazing grammar.

Has nobody noticed what day it is?


Why would this get featured? It's terrible

Oh god, we're probably going to have to go through a whole day with unworthy FMLs.. Just great.

has anyone ever realized Alan is the only on ever commenting on stuff?

How did this get through? It's a waste of a first page fml.

April fools, notice the other FML's...

That amazing grammar.

This is probably the worst FML I've seen on here.

April Fools!

I was confused when I first came across this FML, but then I realized that this was posted on April Fools and their prank was to make all the FMLs have really bad spelling.

Has nobody noticed what day it is?

Thank you for also noticing.

I'm just going to cry.

Look at the date of the fml though. 3/31/15 at 15:24

@12 I'm pretty sure that that's the time it was submitted at, rather than the time it got posted.

#12 That's just when it was submitted your time. It was submitted 6:24am 1/4/15 for me. Edit: Snap SirMichael!

The lack of grammar in these FMLs have literally made me nauseous.

Where do your W's keep disappearing to?

I hope this is an April fools, because reading that hurt

Smells fishy... April's fools joke, moderators? ;)

Aprils fool joke or not that hurt my head reading that.

I was thinking while reading today´s FML´s that how did such horrible spelling escape the moderators. And then I realized its April 1st. I was completely fooled.