By Irritated - United States - Muncie
Today, I was sitting in a drive-thru with my girlfriend waiting for our food and the idiot behind me rear-ended me. I got out of the car to tell him he'd rear-ended me. He then argued with me, saying he "didn't feel it." FML
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By  LyricaSilvan  |  29

How exactly does one "not feel" a ton of metal and rubber colliding with another ton of metal and rubber? That guy must have the absolute WORST special awareness.

I hope you took down his plate numbers, especially if he was being resistant.

  LyricaSilvan  |  29

Pardon me, 25, for not being 100% accurate in the spelling of a word I very rarely see used or use myself. But as 28 said, as long as you got the point, who gives a damn?

By  Kurliez408  |  32

Had a lady at the airport who ''didn't feel'' the stroller she was holding ramming into my shin 10 bazillion times.
Hope you were still able to get his details OP!

By  thatweirdasian  |  22

If you didn't get his license number, chances are that the cameras at the drive-thru have caught it. Even if it's just a little scrape, I'd make him pay, especially since he even denied what he did.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

Whether he "felt" it or not is irrelevant, although he's definitely lying. The fact that he got out of his car and began arguing with you shows he felt and knew something was up. Since he did that though, I hope you called the cops, have them for safety, and as witnesses of the drive through videos. If there's damage to your car, and damage to his car, most of the time it will be his fault because he's the car behind. The video will show this and hopefully the other guy's insurance will pay for it.

  Lalala579121  |  27

He wasn't the one who got out of the car, OP was.

But yes I agree, the fact that he chose to say he "didn't feel it" rather than just saying that he didn't do anything would suggest that he knew that he hit OP's car.


Ah I see, must have skimmed over that part. You're right though, when someone legitimately thinks they didn't do anything, they say "I didn't do it," not "I didn't feel it."

By  RichardPencil  |  30

He was probably stoned or drunk. Most people who go through fast food drive-thrus often are.

People who are sober go into the dining room, unless they don't want to be seen in public with their "girlfriend."

  Thor1012  |  28

are you serious what a load of crap.. I usually go through the drive thru as then I don't have to bother going inside on my own. . and I can chill out more in the car or sometimes it was handy for work related phone calls

  RichardPencil  |  30

No, it's always faster to park and order at the counter. Plus, you have a chance at seeing if they are adding any bodily fluids to your order. Everyone who goes through the drive-thru gets a "surprise" in their Sad Little Unhappy Meal, and it ain't a toy.


This isn't true at all. I've seen lots of high people go inside to get their order. Probably easier too, because they don't need to carefully handle items being passed through windows.
Also, many people use the drive thru because they can just sit and wait alone in their car, it's more comfortable for them, instead of going inside and dealing with people.