By Teylot - Canada
Today, I was sitting at my desk eating cereal with my cat sleeping on my lap. I got a really funny text and I started laughing hysterically, and spilled my cereal all over my cat. I'll let you know how my legs, arms, neck and face heal up. FML
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  iKaite  |  0

Cats are bastards. If they could kick you out the house physically into the rain, lock the door, and still open tins of cat food by themselves, they would do it.

  genius_man16  |  0

someone is bitter about cats. Jesus. They aren't that mean at all, just because you don't know how to take care of them doesn't mean they all suck.

Cats + water = scratching. Simple as that, if you really don't know that then you don't deserve to own a cat.

@OP: I'm really confused how laughing hysterically = knocking over your bowl of cereal, unless you meant just the little bit of cereal on your spoon, but then I don't get how it would be "all over" your cat.


@10 - Cats aren't bastards. Like 17 said, you just need to know how to take care of them. They LOVE getting rubbed and scratched just like dogs. I'm sure there are things you can do to dogs to piss 'em off. It's the same way with cats.

  Noelletakumi  |  36

Really? Do we need to comment more completely biased opinions? One is not "better" than the other. They're both animals with the same amount of tendencies. The cat is scratching in defense, it's INSTINCT. Let's leave it at that.

By  TysonFawlay  |  0

I'm sorry, but when I try to picture is all I get is someone with downs flailing.

Unless you've got some muscular disease or are just plain retarded, how did this happen? Beats me. YDI

  paperfox_fml  |  0

Please do some googling on declawing. It's a cruel operation that should never be performed. If you doubt how unkind it is, you should know that several European countries deem it to cause so much unnecessary suffering that it has been outlawed.

  crzymonkeyxo  |  0

Yeah i know, cats cannot defend themselves after it either they have to be forced to stay in the house under all circumstances, idk bout your cats but mine love to climb things, with out claws they can't climb at all