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What the fuck is wrong with people these days, sorry for that OP.

Oh God. She found out about "YOLO"..


What the fuck is wrong with people these days, sorry for that OP.

*sighs* Dignity has gone the way of chivalry.

Yep, sounds like a great night. Was her name Lindsey Lohan, by chance?

You consider Lindsey Lohan middle age? Haha I guess she hasn't aged well in your eyes.

Have you SEEN Lohan lately? She looks beyond middle aged.

Somebody probably let snookie out of her cage.

The first plane hit the South Tower around this time--8:45AM---11 years ago today. I think being thrown up on by a cougar is about the equivalent..

The party never stops for some people.

Sounds like the perfect end of a night.

Vomit back at her god damn it, teach her a lesson

^You ruined the thread, Dick.

Ain't no party like a pewdiepie party.

I would not like to know where she spent the night...

Not at a Holiday Inn, that's for sure

It could have been a holiday inn if Chingy was there.

At least it wasn't... Never mind. That just sucks!

I'd love to know how this person deserved this misfortune

Someone will come up with some bullshit about how one shouldn't be out at 8:45 in the morning, and that nothing good happens at that time

Despite the fact that thats when EVERYBODY goes to work.

The sad thing is, someone out there is probably dumb enough to try and make that argument

And some of us will YDI it for taking public transit. City busses are disgusting.

Not everyone can afford their own car and have no other choice.

Drifter, when I go out to Philadelphia or Baltimore for sports events, I take public transit. Hell of a lot cheaper than paying the 10 or 15 bucks to park

Put the bag on her head.

throw her ass out the bus too

#20, I have this weird feeling that they weren't on the bus yet. I'm sure it's just my imagination, though. No doubt you can have a bus stop inside said bus.

Haha I could have sworn I read the fml correctly

So thats what streaming torrents means... the wine must of been illegally downloaded and needed to be returned.

She probably went through the hash files all ready too!

Maybe she had too many cookies... gotta love these nerd jokes!

Either way, the situation mega bites

Sounds like a classy lady.... Sigh. =

This is why it isn't safe to take the bus. Keep working, save up some money, get a car. Problem solved. And then you find this lady's address, show up in a panther skin coat and shit on her doorstep.

*holds up a bottle of Guinness beer* BRILLIANT!

*Takes beer and smashes both of you on the head with it* Not quite, but good try. Believe it or not, getting a car and keeping up with it isn't as easy as you make it sound.

My goodness! My Guinness! *punches you in the face, knocking you to the ground, then kicks you in the gut*

*croaks out* I got your beer at least!

^ *Gives a standing ovation* Brava, brava! :') *Tosses roses* *Tosses beer.* *Tosses left shoe.* *Tosses pants.* ......Think I'm good now. :P

And it's turned to madness.

Now a part of the comments section has turned into a imaginary bar fight over the Internet. My sincere apologies to the FML community for my inappropriate comment and the hell I've unleashed.

Oh God. She found out about "YOLO"..