By Painful - 05/10/2009 04:16 - United States

Today, I was sitting around a bonfire when an ember landed on my crotch. Without thinking, I quickly slapped at it and hit myself square in the nuts. FML
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skiz_fml 0

This isnt an FYL or a YDI. Thats just fucking funny.

in soviet Russia crotch hits you


IllegalLight 0

LMAO. nice going genius.

that sounds like something I would do but I haven't. yet

C94Slim 7

nuts are round xD

skiz_fml 0

This isnt an FYL or a YDI. Thats just fucking funny.


Agreed 100%.

They make cream for that.

Lindsay Lohan know of this?

Yeah, her "cream" is bleach to turn those pubes nice Barbie blonde.

Waxing seems like a better option to me, personally. Especially when she keeps forgetting to wear underwear. Dress for success, as they say.

Nah, if I were her I would eat peppers and put miracle grow on it. The scarier, the better!

I guess it IS almost Halloween. Time to start drawing faces on everything again, dressing up, and zombie hunting, and then pretend I'm doing it just for the spirit of Halloween this time.

My crotch is going as Jerry Seinfeld. Now until Halloween gives me just enough time to grow it out fully.

I'm confused. Jerry Seinfeld is ALWAYS clean-shaven. What's the deal. . .? I wanna know!

Jerry Seinfield isn't always clean shaven, his chest resembles shafts face if you look at it closely. But then he shaved it the fool, but it kept coming back stronger and thicker until it resembled Afroman.

it wouldnt have hurt, unless you were naked. were you naked?

You don't have to be naked for that to hurt. Not all of us wear nut cups 24/7.

I think #4 meant the ember, dude.

I giggled at nut cups. I feel my immaturity making yet another appearance.

well ur nuts do reside at 2 South Crotch Ln... ;)

angryseatroll 5

At least your pants didn't catch on fire! xD

kirbz 0

XD this made me laugh xD YDI for having overreactive reflexes lmao

This is how natural selection works. Now you can't make babies.

Intellectualist 0

Haha, your sex would have literally been on fire. *ROFLMAO* at my own joke. :)

Hey, aren't you my baby's father?

Intellectualist 0

oh, yeah I forgot about that :) Thanks for reminding me. I must zoom and perform my fatherly duties! Unfortunately, being a father, my duties don't include breasts. :(

Your husbandly duties do though. ;)

Intellectualist 0


in soviet Russia crotch hits you