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Today, I was singing one of my favorite songs in my car while at a red light. A guy made it a point to get my attention and said, "If you're really going to sing that bad, you should probably roll your windows up." FML
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"If you're going to be that rude, you should probably shut up."

Haters gonna hate. c: ... Or maybe you just need lessons.


Haters gonna hate. c: ... Or maybe you just need lessons.

ROOOOOOOOOOOOXANNE! You don't have to sing at the red light!

Try rap. It takes zero skill. Have you even heard of rap lessons?

59- I know this is off topic but... What possessed you to take a picture of your chin? Just wondering really.

65- I think he was just so excited because he got 5 chin hairs that he wanted to document it.

Or maybe he's trying to secretly reveal his last name;) he sure look asian....

He's just cranky. Don't listen to him OP. At least you're willing to have a little fun.

But you didn't have to cut OP off Make out like it OP was bad at singing and that we were nothing

Inheritance 10

This is a nut up or shut up situation. Kudos for trying to sing. Just give the dick the birdie and roll up the windows and continue with your life.

Yeah it's not likely you'll meet again so sing louder. Who is he to tell you you shouldn't sing in your own car?

cmanaus 3

Maybe he was trying to think and reflect or maybe she sounded like nails on a chalkboard or maybe he's a jerk, I don't know.

If you don't like other people's singing, roll up your own damn window. Let us belt as terribly as we like:)

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The guy should have waited it out. It's just one red light


36 - That was just terrible.

Strictly speaking, it's not bad advice

Buthe didn't have to be so rude about it. He could just have politely asked OP to roll up their window, or he could have rolled up his own window!

Well Rebecca black nobody likes your music I'm sorry......

Well damn... Sorry for not liking rude people, guys.

Exactly! Maybe OP just needs a brake from singing for awhile.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

When I'm out on the town jamming to Bicycle Race by Queen I can't help but sing along. I've gotten confused looks before but no one ever told me to stop. Maybe it's because I wasn't singing some tweeny pop song.

Why did he even care about you?

Noise pollution

"If you're going to be that rude, you should probably shut up."

I allways go with the rule of who sings that song ya keep it that way XD or atleast roll Ur windows up just sayin

family guy dude watch some episodes ull get it

Punctuation might help people understand what you're trying to say, as well.

Completely missed that reference haha. Might go back to my rock I crawled out of

didn't realize this was English class may be u should go become a english teacher instead of replying to my comment .... atleast then ull get paid to be a d bag :)

Or, OR, you could learn how to correctly use punctuation. Just a thought.

Toshiro - I didn't realise that one commenter could make so many errors in such little time. Obviously your comment was nearly incomprehensible. This is not a grammar lesson, but if people can't even understand what you're trying to say, them change how you say it. I assure you we are NOT impressed. Not to mention the fact that txt jargon is forbidden in the site rules. Or did you forget to read them?

6-trying to understand what you said gave me brain cancer

Then* change Damn it.

Honestly Doc, I don't think anyone noticed.

Doc, in all fairness, he might not have been able to read the foreign language that the site rules is posted in.

Posthuman - I did. :) Tompusslicker - What foreign language? You mean grammatically-correct English? Why yes, I suppose that IS a foreign language to some people here.

Case and point

Kallian_fml 21

37, 45 - I definitely noticed too.

Psych101 9

Just so everyone knows, the situation he was referring to goes something like this: Brian begins singing Stewie: Who sings that song again? Brian: Bruce Springsteen. Stewie: Yeah, let's keep it that way. I made up the artist, but hopefully this helps you translate the mangled version if the English language that he posted in.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Eleanor D. Rosevelt.

Your name is oddly applicable here, 63.

mrsmaglietta 6


I don't mean to offend your comment, but... Every single girl on Facebook who has a duck face is usually the rudest of people at my school. I'm going to assume you're no different.

The way she has that instagram filter on there it looks like she has no mouth.

I just got seconded by a license plate. I do believe that's a win.

I thumbed you down because of your duck face photo. YDI

64- god viper your so rude to this girl what did she do to you? Your calling her rude yet your rude?

Did my helicopter idea just get copied?

The next Justin Bieber

Sing louder :)