By mycar / Tuesday 20 August 2013 17:40 / United States - Charlotte
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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

You don't do that the first time you take a gal home, 38? Usually it takes time for them to open up to me, but after 5 days they're begging me to go to their house. But they always run once I let them out.. I don't understand it.. Commitment issues maybe?

  ohgeejosee  |  19

She's gonna find out you lied then really think you're a creep... Shoulda told her and let her make her own assumption.. Obviously she wasn't thinking you were a creep.

  Wizardo  |  33

Your emotions he will leech.

  sarahmb98  |  8

She also might have already known that it was his jeep, and was testing him to see if he would tell the truth, or if he would be a creep and lie to her.

  Holy_Schnikes  |  23

Yeah like that time when I was 10 and slept with a 30 year old and got an STD and in High School when I put a spell on a blonde cheer leader I never knew about to make her bald because I was jealous of her long blonde hair. And that time in seventh grade when people said I was a lesbian because I was a virgin.....I could go on about all the "truths" people said about me in school.

By  Conn3ct  |  9

That's tough. Don't put much thought into it. You shouldn't care what people say about you. Live your life. Don't bother with other people's opinion. Be yourself and be happy about it.

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