By anon - 26/07/2010 00:07 - Canada

Today, I was showing a house to a couple who were interested in buying. At least they "were" interested until they opened the blinds, looked out of the bedroom window and saw the neighbor on the toilet taking a dump. He was naked. He was hairy. He smiled and waved. FML
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Gotta love the neighbors

BubblyTay 0

"Smile and wave boys, smile and wave."


Gotta love the neighbors

956TXking 0


I wuld so totally buy that house.. win!

Arsonnist 3

Ha. At least it wasn't on the lawn like I pictured the first time. Toilet included. And a Sasquatch.

did u wave back?

BananaSticker 0

Dude! Is that the same guy that posted an fml in his pov a few months ago? Lmao.

That's really shitty, literally. haha

yeah sharpie, what a shitty house.

I really liked how this FML was worded. Oh, hilarity.

Put off your pants, ass off him, then wave back. 

that's when u say 'we are glad to tell you we have very friendly neighbors'

YourEvilHero 12

ydi for not being friendly in return

9shadow9fox9 0

he smiled and waved such a nice neighbor

Shookitup 0

I would have taken out my phone and pretended to take a pic to make him feel uncomfertable :P

I think I know who this fml is about!!

sind3r3la 0

21 your suuuuuper hotttt;) ohh and ydi for showing them that! shoulda just left that window closed.

I guess you don't know the house and the neighbours too well!!

I would of done the same thing... prolly even give them a show... hahaha

twinny_sc 13

What's the big deal? He seems nice, I mean he smiled and waved. Sounds like a pretty friendly neighbor :)

lmfao maadr my day I actually laughed

HAHaha that's so funny ! He was friendly atleast :)

LMFAOwned 9

Lol that's an awesome neighbor. So friendly. Would you rather he flick off your clients?

xoxolovemexoxo 0

haha nicee

usmc2016 0

fake!!! thus same username posted he was fired from a restaurant for food poisoning and it was their meal... in the USA now it's in Canada

uhazsquiads 0

lol my favorite part was he smiled and waved hehehe.... but still ew

The neighbor is probably Borat?

lakaiskate 12

I don't get how he could have been seen toilets usually don't face a window normally a wall under a window.

Can I have a biscuit?

epic fail little buddy

nicknesser 0

3 you definitely have a chode.

You're a moron aren't you?

"Hey, Derek, sprechen sie dick?"

We_Li_Ve_Fr_Ee 0

Exactly what I thought about reading this.

SupxD 0

haha I fckn Love Step Brothers..!

stepbrothers hate guidos

I immediately thought of that movie when I read this haha. "fuck you Derik" I just love the way he says it.

that's epic. better than finding a log in the toilet

cbroxs17 0

I should have my neighbor do that sence my parents really want to move but I don't.

worlds123dumbest 4

Who in their right mind places a window in front of a toilet? But FYL OP.

raineydayes 0

Apparently right next door #6!! ...By a naked hairy, happy neighbor...eep!

BubblyTay 0

can anyone spot the odd one out in #6 pic?

FFML_314 11

No, we are all idiots.

At least he's friendly?

tarynshay551 3

at least he didnt go over there and say hi to everyone like that! -Taryn Shay

Fuhohoho... Sounds like he does this on purpose so he doesn't have to deal with any annoying new neighbors. I've heard of worse, darling.

BubblyTay 0

"Smile and wave boys, smile and wave."

raineydayes 0

Ha! Isn't that from the Madacasgar movie?? A quote from the penguins??

BubblyTay 0

yup, Im forced to watch their show by lil brother :( and it did feel that way.

raineydayes 0

Well I thought the movie was funny :)

LOL, why is it sinful?:D