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Today, I was shopping with a friend. We snuck into the same fitting room so we could give our opinions on each other's clothes. The suspicious saleswoman knocked on the door and asked how many people were in our room. I quickly answered, "It's OK. She's just watching." FML
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  RacerX1695  |  1

Surprisingly, it is easier. One can go in the store, fill a cheap backpack with items, and put it back, then leave. They then tell a friend to buy, "the fourth backpack in on the bottom shelf." The friend then buys the filled backpack, and takes it home.

Believe it or not, neither of these people shoplifted, only together was a crime committed. One put stuff in, but didn't take it, and the other has option to say, "oh, I didn't know that was there" if they get caught.

  faithxoxox  |  1

57, it's really not. They're both girls. Plus if they've ever had a PE class together, they've seen each other change. I thought that would be awkward, too, but it's really not.

  fylx100  |  19

I don't see this as an FML. Lots of friends go into the fitting room together cuz they're GIRLS. And the saleswoman doesn't know if they were related- cousins or sisters. I know my sister comes in the fitting room with me all the time to check if I need a new size she will get it while I try more on and opinionate on things even though it is my choice in the end, you always need to hear that opinion.

  skoob1  |  12

I don't see anything wrong with it. Publicly, it is inappropriate, but when it is economically convenient, a school can have 50 people change in a locker room?

  redwednesday  |  11

girls go in the same fitting room for many reasons.
whether its because they're trying on something they don't want everyone to see, but still want their friends opinions, like bras or lingerie. it could just be that they don't want everyone to see them in something, in case it looks bad on them. some clothing stores have the fitting rooms in the middle of the store, and everyone in the store can see you. if you're trying on something different, it's less embarrassing to stay in the fitting room.

girls generally don't care about seeing each other change. so going in there with someone isn't a big deal. it's very common here.

By  Enslaved  |  36

Whenever I clothes shop with friends, we usually share the same fitting room. It's never been a big deal. The saleslady should be uses to people doing that.

  PlaidPanda  |  9

When I worked retail we usually didn't care when two females went in together.. We would try to keep guys and opposite couples going in together though, especially after we had to clean up after the gay couple. : /