By seriouslylife?
Today, I was shopping at a store that hires disabled people as baggers. This is totally awesome and I love the practice, but this autistic bagger yelled out the name of every product he bagged, including "TAMPONS!" and "CONDOMS!" One of my middle school students was in the next checkout line videoing it. FML
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  BeachMammal  |  8

Not a good action. But if the students shares it, he is harassing his teacher, and that is something the school should deal with. It would be simply wrong of the student.

By  Burle  |  17

Why are you embarrassed by condoms and tampons, they're just part of life. You're immateur for being embarrassed by it, as the student is immateur for thinking its funny. The only winner here is the autistic bagger

By  tease_ftx  |  8

It could totally be so much worse. He could have yelled out "Dildo!, Vagisil, Herpes medication!" Just really bad things to tell out. I feel bad for any of his customers with truly embarrassing items lol.

  PenguinPal3017  |  19

They sell dildos at the grocery store?

By  band_geek  |  18

I told my boyfriend of this FML because he works with autistic students at his part time job, and even he thinks it's hilarious that the bagger was screaming out every item. And he also commented he wishes he was there so that he could've helped out with the guy. I'm laughing about the entire thing, too, but don't get embarrassed. Honestly, when even my students (male students, no less) asks me what I'm rummaging through my bags for whenever I'm trying to help out my female students that's been forgetting to keep track of their cycle, I look at the kids straight in the eyes and tell them, "It's a women thing. If you want women thing to happen too your girlfriends, make sure to use condoms, boys, or you'll be hell lot of trouble." It's nature - There's nothing to be embarrassed about.