By keeks_25 - 08/05/2009 20:53 - Canada

Today, I was serving a family at the restaurant where I work. When I went to ask the little girl what she wanted, I was tongue-tied and got "cutie" and "hun" mixed up and ended up asking, "What can I get for you, cuntie?" FML
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hahah did the parents leave a nice tip after that? (;

Most kids are little cunts. Don't feel bad.


hahah did the parents leave a nice tip after that? (;

Ha thnx 4 the lulz

omg hahhahhshshshhhshshhshshhs

lol I love hen people male mistakes like this

nevermindalready 4

No one ever tips well in Canada. I should know. I'm Canadian.

People tip well in Canada all the time, I generally get 15%. You shouldn't generalize.

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hahahaha, what a terrible tongue tie! That didn't make you look like a creeper at all..

This actually made me laugh. I want to know what happened after that. :P

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if i were you, i would just hope that i still have a job...

Most kids are little cunts. Don't feel bad.

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language!(sry I'm just obsessed with doing that)

If it offends you, get off FML

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Ouch dude! They probably think your a chimo! Hope they understood what happened and didn't complain!! Ps don't call little girls u don't know cutie and this won't happen

He was only trying to be polite.

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hahahahahahaha! maybe you should have tried to play it off like it was a catchy slang word meaning "dear" or something. it's worth a shot!

he should have played it off and said..... " what can i get for you cunti-----nuous source of inspiration to my life"