By chloe - 29/06/2009 09:44 - Australia

Today, I was rushing to get on the train to work as I heard the "door closing" beeps. I was about to step onto the train when a man pushed me out of the way so that he could get on. My handbag fell out of my hand into the carriage. I stayed on the platform. FML
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your dad is an asshole #13


#2. Also. It sucks to be you. Some people today are such a**holes.

It was eaten alive by feminists.

#1 stole my line

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Why does this have so many dislikes? You're actually right.

OMG that sucks. i hope nothing too valuable was in it.

Yes that makes sense. She deserves it for carrying it a handbag. In fact, all women who carry handbags deserve to get their handbags stolen. You couldn't have been more spot-on >_>

it's called a troll #11 learn to spot one and not look like an idiot

#11 - The reason why girls have purses and handbags is because we don't have huge ass pockets to carry our stuff in like guys have -.-;

#27: That problem could easily be solved by buying pants with huge pockets. Nobody's going to say "Wow, look at how big her pockets are, what a stupid bitch."

Some people carry them to carry other things in, also men carry bags now that are similar to what some may call a "hand bags". There are not dumb, they don't deserve this, this is like saying, because you drive a car you deserve to die in a car accident.

I wish women's pants came with huge pockets. But they don't. They pretty much expect us to carry bags, which can easily be forgotten or stolen. I have small ass pockets, and my cell phone's always falling out. Thanks pants.

Ass pockets? Ew. Anyway get better pants, then stuff won't fall out. A lot of pants these days have pockets just for phones that hold them very nicely.

They're just really fucking small, it's ridiculous. I don't actually mean ass pockets. xD

We carry way too much stuff to put in pockets. Guys carry a phone and a wallet and maybe one or two other things. We carry 10 times as much.

Some women don't carry a shitload of stuff but this goes back to the fact that women pants never have big pockets.

It's her HANDBAG. Of course there's something valuable in it... say EVERYTHING!?

number 3? she deserves being pushed and lose her handbag for trying not to miss that train? like you wouldn't do the same ya hypocrite

#3 I think she would only deserve it if the door injured her. If somebody has to be at fault, then I believe man has the most fault for being the direct cause.

Mads_1234 28

#16 and #54, I think they were talking about the man being a dick.

You better hope you don't have much money in there...

#3, yes there are reasons for it, but still, if you are rushing you can still get on. It is the same with yellow lights, instead of slowing down, they make people speed up. OP- Sux to be u, FYL indeed. Why didn't you just start like banging on the door?

I don't know if you're agreeing with #3 or not. State driver's manuals specifically state that the drivers should slow down at a yellow light UNLESS they cannot safely do so. These are the same manuals that are studied for examinations to obtain a driver's license. Once a person accepts a responsibility but neglects the rules, then it's completely his or her fault should anything happen.

what are you talking about?

door closing beeps just let you know that the doors are in fact closing, but the conductor can open them if there is a jam, eg. a person stuck inside =) that's a real shame, some people have no conception of common courtesy.

that sucksss. hopefully you'll get your stuff back and that guy will get really bad karma.