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Today, I was running late and rushing to a waiting bus. I made it to the doors just as they closed. I knocked desperately, hoping the driver would let me in. He hovered his hand over the button for a few seconds, then flipped me off and drove away laughing. FML
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just call the bus garage and complain. "the guy in bus number "x' flipped me off and drove away laughing when i tried to get on. Then add some shit to the story to make it sound even worse. like say you lost your job because he made you late or something.

"I would have spit a loogy on his door if he had done that to me. I'm a big ******* moron." There, fixed it for you. You're welcome.


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That is why rikshaws are better.

What does a rikshaw have to do with what I said or what fakeaccount said??

IndianForLife 0

What does your question have to do with what I said about rickshaws?

Indian, he's asking why you commented on another comment instead of starting your own thread. People who post unrelated comments under comment #1 are generally regarded as attention ****** who are trying to get their own comment up higher.

I can't see why so many people hate you :)

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Docbastard, you're a sweet man. I would appreciate it if you use my entire nick and not just call out 'Indian' in that degrading tone. Thank you. Come again.

KiddNYC1O 20

Oh, I'm an attention *****. I also enjoy long beach walks with Debbie Downer.

It wasn't degrading, just shortened, the same way you shortened "nickname" to "nick." xADTR182 - I tend to evoke reactions in people, good or bad. I take everything with a very large grain of salt.

Consider it an honour that the almighty Docbastard acknowledged you.

Docbastard? more like douche bastard! hahhaaaaa owned. play your drums now!

KingDingALing 9

40- only play the drums when the joke is actually funny. Something that you're not.

Aweee. Nobody has Christmas spirit anymore.]: Booo.

The_Big_Mac 7

look here, I want to see doc bring the hammer down on you all now, lol, and as for Indian, don't make me come close your 7eleven again, last time I had to chase those drug dealers a block to detain them.

IndianForLife 0

The_Big_Mac, what is this '7eleven' you speak of?

please stop being so offensive of other races

agreed i laughed sooo much this made my day

tjv3 10

If I were you I would get the bus number and file a complaint. THEN I would wait until the next time he came around and i would get on the bus and just stay on the bus until it was just the two of us. Would be like remember me little bus man? Then it would be on!

arsh333 0

that's funny. I would do the same probably

he's not a douchebag, she's probably just not cute.

mclovin12194 0

op deserved it... shouldn't be late

mclovin it's hard to be on bus scedual becuse they can be early(20%of the time) ontime(5% of the time) or late(75% of the time) so they rush i standed in plain sight right under the sign and the bus drove past me( I was late for school and missed a test) I know I deserv it for not leaving earlier to make sure I got on time right?

Please repost this using proper puncuation and spelling, as it is difficult to read and understand your very complex ideas and theories behind public transportation. Thank you.

^.^ <3 if it's soooo important to u fix it your self Kay sweetie?

OH BOY bring it on baby let's see how good u are hmmm let say... the 27th at 5pm? ya that's a good date for me see you than<3#86

hmmmm a grammar Nazi that's kinda cute weird.....

Please get a room or use private messaging for your attempts at flirting, people. Witnessing this barely-concealed sexual incompetence is like being forced to watch a car crash in slow motion.

what game is that picture from god probably some dumb 360 game or a pc cuz I'd know if it was from ps3 =

hahahaah I wasent flirting it was a joke/diss I don't flirt over the net lol what do u think I am? a loner?

Uhm, yes? Sirin thinks so and we all know the moderators are always right. Now please, shut the **** up, go celebrate Christmas or something. Maybe there will be a blowup doll under the tree that has your name on it.

ummmm I don't need a blow up doll? I'm in a relationship and I think I know my own intensions better than any other

ummm sirin why was that comment modded?it wasent offensive or degrading others in anyway....

and of that comment was so bad and got modded why isn't #80s modded?....

Your face is offensive and degrading others. Please, just go away. Your comments are stupid, not even remotely funny and a huge waste of space.

"OMG, but what about my freedom of speech?" Please try to understand and respect our moderators’ decisions. Don’t argue with us or repost a comment that has been removed. We’re pretty relaxed here, but it’s our site and our rules. If our rules are a bit too much for your tastes, you can start your own blog and write whatever you like on it; we promise not to spam your comment section with our inane drunken dribbling.

Are you people all insane? Can you chill out, grow a pair, and read the commenting rules? That's not a "please do" but a "you better do before I turn you into pomegranates".

Yes, the powers of the moderators are impressive indeed.

and is she calling me a woman? just wow just wow..and I thought my freinds had good gay jokes

oh and I tried going to the rules but a error comes up so

ohthebloodygore 16

Wow this thread gave me a headache. Good job, idiots. Thanks Sirin for cutting it shorter than it would have been.

i wud of spit a looogy on his dor if he dun tht 2 me

"I would have spit a loogy on his door if he had done that to me. I'm a big ******* moron." There, fixed it for you. You're welcome.

We all make mistakes. I salute you sir, for fixing that one omega screw-up.

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So glad people haven't gotten too lazy to write out a sentence correctly when not IMing.

Yes Smithy, that's why I'm here. I am anonymously seeking the "attention" of the rest of you anonymous people. I'm not exactly sure what attention you think I would be gaining here, but if you consider this attention, then I truly feel sorry for you. As for me being a douchebag, that's up for debate. I'm sure there are plenty of other people here who would agree with you (just look at my profile for proof), and I couldn't care less. I chose the name "DocBastard" for a reason. Obviously my skin is thicker than most, so hit me with your best shot.

I'm all for good grammar and everything, but calling someone a "big ******* moron" over a silly little comment like that seems a little extreme. :/ Damn comment bug...

Illmatic, I figure if you're going to go, go all in. Besides, he misspelled half of the words in the comment. I don't correct everything, but that comment was particularly atrocious. Smithy, what I do should be none of your concern. If you don't like what I say, feel free to **** right back off. Call me whatever name you like, but I guarantee it won't change what I do one iota. Cheers.

#35- just cause he's from Texas doesn't mean he can't spell worth a shit. go **** yourself.

I think the Texas guy lightboyzsx is a made up account that spells things incorrectly on purpose to look like a stereotypical redneck from the south... or he could just be exactly that lol PS: I'm from the south so please everybody, no nerd rage.

The_Big_Mac 7

Hey doc, just realized my comment on the #1 posting was a fail, also, I applaud your corrections and retorts here.

chillinAK 9

Okay iiCaptain, where I usually don't mind most comments, I must say that not all Texans are ignorant. Although not a born nor bred Texan, I call Texas my home. I do not write like this idiot, because I know my proper grammar. Although, I am an excellent rider, so does that negate what I just said?

ohthebloodygore 16

79, chill. Bao (iicaptain) is from Texas. He's sarcastic half the time. Learn to live with stereotypes. They'll always be around.

The_Big_Mac 7

Judging on the comments, it appears Christmas is going to be full of vicious comments on fml. Merry Christmas then, let the heads roll.

Doc, I believe that was Ebonics. kudos for helping but looking at that sentence, its looks like he's gone to far.

BWAHAHAx1000000 0

Merry Christmas to all, and to all shut the hell up.

Anyone else notice this about 2 weeks ago?

Now that's what I like to call the true Christmas spirit!

CaptainPat 0

just call the bus garage and complain. "the guy in bus number "x' flipped me off and drove away laughing when i tried to get on. Then add some shit to the story to make it sound even worse. like say you lost your job because he made you late or something.

lykbutta 0

i think he added to this story. cmon, a bus driver flippin you off?! yeah right

perdix 29

That part of hovering his hand over the button giving you a little glimmer of hope that he'd open the door? That's his little Christmas present to you, dipshit. PS: I'll bet everyone in the nice, warm bus laughed and laughed at that!

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