By Anonymous - 30/11/2013 00:17 - United States - Alpharetta

Today, I was rubbing one out in the shower. I guess I got a little too excited, because as I came close to climaxing, I had a serious asthma attack and had to wheeze for help. FML
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At least someone Came... For help

What a sight that must of been for whoever came to your rescue.


What a sight that must of been for whoever came to your rescue.

Must have* Im sorry, it's a pet peeve, like when people say "I seen" instead of "I saw" or "I have seen."

Not really if they were in the shower they'd have to be naked anyways. So there's no way of them knowing what caused the attack

vinnv226 14

22, he most likely had a hard-on, so they could probably piece it together

it was a girl. I dont think naturally girls can have a 'hard on'

Is it just me or did I just read that comment in Trevor Phillips' voice?

OP is male.

If you look beside the OP's name it shows the gender, which is a male.

25- I dunno, mang. A guy can lose a hardon pretty quick, given a sudden interruption in train of thought. If he's wheezing for help, that hints to me that he's been that way for a few seconds to couple minutes, more than enough time to turn flaccid.

My phone doesn't show gender, place, or even the name of the OP. I have a windows phone and all the apps are weird as old ballsacks, so maybe 26 is using the same app as I

Windows phone here too. What I see is OP is anonymous with no information. WPs have no edit option for comments. We don't even get autocorrect on this very app. It sucks lol

thats intense. i cant imagine what you'd be like in bed, you animal! (:

Nahh, but I am a little hungry.

yep. me's a thirsty bitch.

43: You're one creative motherfucker. Have yet to hear that until now! Glad I did ;)

Lmao! You sir deserve an award!

Well that's embarrassing, hopefully whoever found you didn't laugh too hard.

At least someone Came... For help

I see what you did there ;)

You must have been pounding away at that shit.

Gonna do it again, or.... is it now ruined for you..

Had to wheeze for help because you needed help achieving orgasm..?

9- Why don't you read the FML again.

#56, why don't you read the comment again, this time with a touch of sarcasm in mind?

I think you need to re-learn sarcasm..

Let's hope so.. after all that hard work.

Sounds like you beat that thing like you owned it.

Have to remember to breathe while you're jerking! Mouth close and breathe through nose.

Or open your mouth, and moan like a bitch.

Yea sure, try that when your family is over