By Anonymous - 12/02/2010 07:44 - Canada

Today, I was robbed at work. The guy stole my cell phone, bag, and laptop. Because of the robbery, I had to close the store two and a half hours early. My boss decided to dock my hours. FML
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Commenting to # 12, it's actually required by most companies to close the store down after a robbery to call the police and to prevent the robber from coming back. And in Canada and the US it would be against the law to dock her hours after closing the store due to an extremely stressful situation such as a robbery. OP, call the labor board, or human ressources and file a complaint.

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your a douche


aww that sucks a big one:(

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err why do you need a laptop at a store and next time don't leave your shit in the open.

fuck ur boss. hes an ass

I don't understand? I know it sucks that you got robbed, but how can you put any blame on the boss? You're to get paid for hours that you worked, and if you don't work certain hours, you're not entitled to get paid for it. Think of it in your perspective: do you pay the folks who mow your lawn (just play along even if you mow your own lawn) in the winter? No. Because there's no work for them to do, so you only pay them for what they're owed. So while it does suck that you closed down shop because of a unfortunate event, it doesn't mean that your company should pay you free money. You can go to a socialist country if you want something for nothing. I don't think many of those exist nowadays though. Though in the US, you can ask for unemployment if you get fired.

i think he means that now he is not working for as long as he was, not that he should be paid for time he didn't work.

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Actually no you can't. it is for people who get laid off or let go for reasons beyond their control. not for getting fired or quiting.

oh... soory abot that. Yu went tham bak? I didnt knew yu wunted tham.

of course he would why would he pay you for two hours you didn't work?

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Indeed, cold, hard business. Who cares about individual circumstance, or compassion, or generosity? He didn't work, so even though something pretty bad happened to him, just make it worse.

holy crap 62 mine as well write a book on this

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#56, maybe he works somewhere were he needs a laptop? When you speak without thinking, all you do is open your mouth and insert your foot, broseph.

exactly they missed hours why wouldn't he dock them

Wow...that sucks.

sucks for u

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sorry for Robbin u m8 I have to feed my family lol fyl lol

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How was that funny? And laughing at your own joke doesn't make it any funnier.

i'm thinking that's against some sort of law but I can't think what

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Damn! That sucks... -.-

thats how it is in canada.......

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just recoup your losses with store merchandise since your boss is a dick.

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lol 12, funny stuff.

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your a douche

Ugh. Sorry.


fyl and fyboss- that sucks!!