By Anonymous - 09/12/2010 02:21 - United States

Today, I was Rizzo in a production of Grease. I sang a line about needing a ring. I've been able to put up my left ring finger for every rehearsal, but today I put up the one next to it. I flipped off the audience. FML
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So... how many people in the audience returned the gesture?

How awful. I am truly, deeply offended. You should be ashamed of yourself, you cretin! It's no wonder the world is in the state it is in when you consider the fact that young people go flipping people off all willy nilly! Don't you know nothing creates terrorists and destroys nations quicker than being flipped off? I'm telling your mother.


this one is friken hillarious

kewl cat

"tell me more!, tell me more!" but seriously grease is awesome I can't knock it.

what's so bad about showing them your little finger?

lol they did that in my schools production but on purpose...

can I take your cat home with me? pleaseee

So... how many people in the audience returned the gesture?

Lol a Grease production where the audience gets to join in. Love it.

OVER 9000!!!!!!

that's awesome

ooh fiesty rizzo

Lmao, that's how you put on a show (:

Lol well now you're the best Rizzo there is. xD And calm down people if you retort with "Noooo movie Rizzo is the best!" It's a joke. :P

Noooo movie Rizzo is the best!

We all get nervous onstage... I've never flipped the bird, personally but uh.. it was an honest mistake.

"Won't go to bed 'till I'm legally wed"? lol

Its Elvis

56- Elvis let me be, keep that pelvis FAR from me. Lol

haha that is awesome!