By Anonymous - 25/6/2009 04:01 - United States
  Today, I was riding on the back of my dad's motorcycle. After a few minutes, the vibrations from the engine became way too much for me and I couldn't control myself. I had such an intense orgasm, sitting right behind my father, with my arms around his waist. FML
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  Brwill3  |  0

this is so disturbing, the next time i have an orgasm I'm going to be like "screw that girl for posting that comment" because i'm going to visualize you behind your father having an orgasm. Fmylife now

  KittenOnAcid  |  1

oh dude..thats so fucking wrong but yet soo right haha. this had me laughing so hard fyl for sure but you just made my day. and #213 your sex must be boring if your going to be thinking of this when your pounding it haha im just saying..

  QueenOf__FMLs  |  0

Poor girl!! I'm praying that it wasn't ur first, and you know the next few orgasams u have ur gunna be thinking of that...and actually more than likely you will never forget it. :( but I gotta feel bad for pop's too. He's probably always wanted a hot babe getting off on the back of his bike holding tight around him....ruined for pop's. Especially if he reads this fml...unless he's into that kind of stuff. What a clusterfuck, Its best to ride alone! Haha :)

  semigala  |  0

Today, I was riding my motorcycle with my daughter behind me. About 20 minutes in, I start to hear this suppressed moaning coming from her. I think she got an orgasm from the motorcycle's vibrations. This was the first time I had ever given a woman an orgasm. FML

  DorkusD  |  0

I've been riding motorcycles for 15 years, and I've never come anywhere close to orgasming. FYL because your dad was there, but hey, you got off. Deal.

By  Hustlinpimp  |  0

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  lnf9ohfour  |  0

yeah but then again, if there were only life-fucking stories on here, there wouldnt be very many posts. these stories are often just "in the moment FMLs"

yeah to OP, FYL big time.


um, if i had an orgasm anywhere NEAR my father, i think i would be turned off for life and pretty damn disturbed. possibly needing therapy. i wouldnt call that just a "weekend of awkwardness"

  nellyphant  |  18

No because OP will always wonder if he did notice but I very much doubt they'll ask to make sure so it could be really awkward for her just wondering if he'd noticed or not.

  lolzforfun228  |  3

I don't think shes going to live her life in horrible guilt because of this. It might be akward and really akward but it's not going to give her "a life of guilt" as you said. If she MURDERED someone THEN she would have a life of guilt

  LizzieLou89  |  0

y wud she say that she'd pissed her pants? havin an orgasm doesnt necessarily mean squirting everywere.. think u need sum sex theory help! or maybe just some sexual encounters poss?