By Anonymous - 30/07/2009 00:14 - United Kingdom

Today, I was riding my motorcycle when I saw my cheating ex-wife walking down the road. Out of anger, I spat my gum at her. I forgot that my helmet's visor was still down, so when I spat, the gum stuck against it. I was temporarily blinded and I crashed into some bushes. FML
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You wanted to spit your gum at your ex-wife? YDI for being so immature

Immaturity aside, how do you forget your visor is down?


You wanted to spit your gum at your ex-wife? YDI for being so immature

Ahaha, no kidding! Seriously, did you get married young? No wonder you're divorced. I can understand feeling spiteful, but that was a big fat fail. Plus, would it have even hit her? Since you are the type to spit into the... visor... I would also assume you're the type to not take into account that you are moving faster than her, thus would most likely miss.

You guys are ridiculous. It's meant to be funny. FFS.

Oh sure, it's funny. Doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it though lol

lol no that wasnt dumb at all........

YDI for chewing gum while riding a motorcycle.

Can you spell D-D-D-DUMBASS!?!

I don't blame him for wanting to spit his gum at the tramp. But dude pull your helmet down first. Then you spit it then say bitch and drive off really fast.

oh yeah, you're cool for spitting at people. ydi loser.

i agree, that IS immature, but my question is this... how are you the 1 person in the world who got the gum that actually stuck to something you spit it at? cause that really doesn't happen too often. seems a little far-fetched

#51, I think you mean pull your visor up. His visor was already down. That's why he crashed.

IDIOT!!!! Oh my gawd. And uhhh visor covers your EYES dude.

she cheated though!!

Plus i don't think you lose vision for spitting gum. what? was it the biggest wad ever and covered both eyes? and also, you spit out, not up.

Immaturity aside, how do you forget your visor is down?

Besides, anybody who's worn a full-face motorcycle helmet knows that it is impossible to spit anything through the visor. There's no room to get it there from your mouth.

Because he's a fucking squid.

Stupidity aside, it's called acting out of impulse which usually happens when one acts without thinking. Thank you :) But lucky it was only the bushes.

Too bad, it would've been better if he had crashed into a brick wall going full speed and died. One less stupid person for us to worry about.

Actually it would have been better if he'd hit his ex - one less cheating whore in the world.

#67 dude thts dark

Why were you chewing gum while riding a motorcycle anyways?! That's really dangerous! D:

I don't really get how you can be temporarily blinded by gum.. It's so small.

Were you trying to get somebody to say "that's what she said?"

YDI and FYL how does a piece of gum blind you anywho?

Disgusting behaviour. I would hit YDI another ten times if I could.

This FML seems a bit blueprinted to me.

lol they should make that site TWS

You should be a clown, you made me laugh :-)