By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was riding my bike and stopped at a street light. A little girl looked at me, then asked her mother, "Mommy, why does that girl have a ring through her nose?" Her mother then replied, "Because her parents don't love her." FML
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  popoman  |  0

I have my testicles pierced together to the area between my anus and penis. It prevents them from slapping the buttocks during doggystyle, thus saving me from blue balls.

Sometimes piercings are practical, like the Prince Albert. Search it up. Piercings don't always have to make a statement.

  igoteffed  |  0

@246 are you a dumb ass? I hope you rip your nuts open on accident. and blue ball isn't when you get hit its different. grow up and learn what the hell your saying.

  ninjacutie  |  6

I think the mom wasn't trying to be rude but keep her child from getting one and to keep her child from thinking it was cool she said it was because of that, it wasn't to be mean to OP just make sure her child isn't getting piercings she doesn't approve of. if I'm wrong that mom is a B****!

By  nowherefast_fml  |  0

i have my septum pierced too!
haha. i've heard similiar things. one time an old man yelled profanities at me.
piercings DO make a statement, and you have to be able to handle the negativity that comes along with it :p