By Shibs - Australia - Hurstville
Today, I was riding my bike along a road and a deer jumped out from the tree line, knocking me to the ground and breaking my arm. Someone pulled over to see if I was alright, running over my bike in the process. FML
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  ImmortalSyn  |  17

Cover what exactly? Op was riding a bicycle and a deer knocked him off. Unless I'm misreading this and it meant bike as in motorcycle then there would be no insurance and the person who stopped who help wouldn't be at fault at all because they didn't cause the accident.

  mrsmikelowrey  |  15

So, you are suggesting making the people who stopped to help PAY for accidentally running the bike over because they were so concerned over making sure the health and well-being of another human being was ok that they didn't see a bike? This is why people don't help others anymore. This is why they just stand by and video with their phones.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Reminds me of that Gilmore Girls episode where a deer crashes into the side of Rory's car and then runs off.
"I just got hit by a deer!"
"What? You hit a deer?!"
"No, I got hit BY a deer!"
Obviously the deer that hit OP is a fan of Gilmore Girls and wanted to give it a try.