By Danny / Sunday 11 November 2012 05:05 / United States - Salt Lake City
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  jesscarrr  |  10

I think op needs to wake up at the quack of dawn and take his girlfriend to the Ducktor. The bill may be high but he really needs to quack open this case. But make sure you check the feather forecast before you leave home!

  FYLDeep  |  25

Duck tape is the brand name duct tape. It has pictures of ducks on the inside cardboard... It what upper class people use for jury rigging things.

  Neonemerld  |  19

Actually, 22, duct tape is and always has been multipurpose. There is no 'one' use for it. It has been used to make clothes and shoes, seal cords and wires to protect from corrosion, and was actually used in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. If you don't believe me, feel free to look it up.

  obnum  |  19

Woah, on the bridge? Damn I didn't know that. Learn something new everyday I guess.

Although I'm going to feel unsafe when I cross that bridge now...

  deloria_fml  |  22

Actually, no, not just. The original use was indeed "Duck tape". Etymologically "duck" here is a Dutch word meaning "canvas". The reason for this being that a canvas-like substance was used to wrap cables and wires to protect them from weathering and corrosion. Modern duct tape more or less evolved from that.

  vocaloidtiger  |  12

#21 & #25 - Duck tape was, indeed, originally called just that, but it took up the name of 'Duct tape' early on because of its use on air ducts (quite plainly). However, despite this fact, it was always intended to be a multi-purpose material, and still is used for just that. Most brands took to calling it duct tape still, although there are a few brands who call it duck tape, with, as you mentioned, sucks on the cover. Your other statement about jury rigging (whatever that is), however, was incorrect. As I mentioned earlier, duck tape is multi-purposeful. I don't even know what 'jury rigging' is, but hey, maybe that is ONE of duck tape's many purposes.

My best friend an many of my other friends made duck tape wallets. My other friend made (perfectly fitting, perfectly shaped) duck tape flip-flops. Yet another friend still made a duck tape trench coat (which is, amazingly, so perfectly tailored that, despite its building material, looks just like an actual trench coat, down to the pockets and the collar) with a matching top hat (again, perfectly tailored). The sky is the limit with this stuff, believe me.

  FYLDeep  |  25

I think it's also illegal to use duct tape on ducts in most cases. You're supposed to use that really expensive aluminum tape. (It's smooth and has a bright sliver color.)

  beastiness  |  14

There are several names for it duct tape, duck tape, 100mph tape ( idk where the last one came from ) but I believe duck tape is just a brand of duct tape

  ishmail2000  |  4

And THIS is the reason why I don't see this as much of an FML. Yes it's "duct" not "duck," but her point is still made: 'Other tapes have names that don't denote their use; is "electrical tape" one of them?' That's all she was asking.

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