By ReboundGrl - United States - Las Vegas
Today, I was really happy because the guy I've been on a few dates with wanted to take pictures with me. I thought it'd meant that he really liked me, but it turns out he just wanted them so he could post them online and make his ex-girlfriend jealous. FML
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  Bibliovore  |  26

Maybe you've tried to make your ex jealous, but if that's your main focus when you're with someone else, you're clearly not yet ready to commit to a different relationship.


Doesn't sound like it was this guy's main focus though. Yeah, it was stupid and insensitive to do it, but this is after a few dates. So unless he was doing it all along, he must have had other reasons to date OP.

By  Bluepies  |  24

Might not be what you think it is. Maybe he's decided he likes you so much he's definitely found something better, and if it was a rough breakup or he was cheated on, maybe he kinda wants to rub it in her face (c'mon, we've all felt that way).
If he only wanted a picture of a pretty girl, that would've happened on the first date, not the third or fourth.