By Ugh - 15/11/2009 17:55 - United States

Today, I was really depressed so I talked on the phone with my best friend. She was telling me how a guy she really liked complimented her. I told her it was be nice to get at least one compliment. After a long silence she says, "You're really good with computers." FML
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YDI for fishing for compliments

I'd love to be told I was good with computers.


Never mind saying first. I don't want thumbs down :D Anyway OP, It is a compliment, amirite?

I'm replying to myself so no one else can.

thumbs down for not getting everyone pissed by saying #1

I was first. all of you die.

Guys and girls, I would really appreciate it if I could get a compliment.... Thankyou in advance

the_pleb, your way cooler than the OP. there you go! haha

Thankyou My life is complete

Trickster, you suck dick too much.

That was uncalled for ohmygoodnex

ironically, it actually was called for, you just didn't appreciate it.

is it just me or does this FML not make sense?

YDI for fishing for compliments

Exactly what I was going to say. YDI.

This. So your friend was in a good mood and you decided to bring her down. Well done! I hate self absorbed whiny bitches. This wouldn't of happened if you were a good friend, or if you weren't a moaning attention seeker. That's what you get.

A person with low self-esteem can't help but fish. We need something to convince us we're not worthless.

I'd love to be told I was good with computers.

tkarin, you are remarkably good with computers.

Haha #17! I lol'd! B)

Of course you're good with computers! You managed to find your way to this site, did you not?

irishfever 0

Even if she had given you a good compliment it wouldn't matter because you had to beg for it -_- And wow, I just noticed that... you're a MAN. Grow a pair already.

#6, I agree with what you said, fishing for compliments is never an appealing trait, but just because OP is a man doesn't mean he can't be insecure. Insecurity doesn't have a gender, and everyone deserves to be supported through it :).

Go crawl in a hole. No one cares.

So she's complimenting your skills and you're still whining? There's no help for you if you can't even see what you have. You have a friend that tries to cheer you up at least. By the way "it was be nice" doesn't make sense.


Just Stop man.

People that fish for compliments deserve to be punched in the throat.