By Ugh - United States
Today, I was really depressed so I talked on the phone with my best friend. She was telling me how a guy she really liked complimented her. I told her it was be nice to get at least one compliment. After a long silence she says, "You're really good with computers." FML
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So your friend was in a good mood and you decided to bring her down. Well done! I hate self absorbed whiny bitches.
This wouldn't of happened if you were a good friend, or if you weren't a moaning attention seeker.
That's what you get.

By  irishfever  |  0

Even if she had given you a good compliment it wouldn't matter because you had to beg for it -_-

And wow, I just noticed that... you're a MAN. Grow a pair already.

  heirofhope  |  38

#6, I agree with what you said, fishing for compliments is never an appealing trait, but just because OP is a man doesn't mean he can't be insecure. Insecurity doesn't have a gender, and everyone deserves to be supported through it :).

By  AngelRaven89  |  0

So she's complimenting your skills and you're still whining? There's no help for you if you can't even see what you have. You have a friend that tries to cheer you up at least. By the way "it was be nice" doesn't make sense.