By K.H - Sweden
Today, I was reading in my bed, and my cat was lying on my chest. I noticed something white on my cat's leg. I'm far-sighted and wasn't wearing my glasses, so I didn't see what it was. I touched it and put on my glasses. Turns out it was a worm hanging out of my cat's anus. It started wiggling. FML
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  Conkers  |  0

He's Swedish so I am guessing English was not his first language, I'm guessing it's probably pretty easy to muddle up the words 'Near' and 'Far' in a language that's not your first one.

  jmeg_fml  |  0

i swear, as soon as someone notices the OP isn't from the US, american readers automatically assume the grammar is horrible. the grammar in this FML is completely fine. fuck off, you bunch of xenophobes.


@79: Um, excuse me?
Nice way of owning yourself, by thinking I'm from the United States. Stop assuming things.

I'm Mexican, by the way. (Who was born and lives in Mexico, in case you bring up more nonsense.)
So yeah, whatever floats your boat.

  Fontario4  |  2

They apparently changed it to near, but had it right the first time, if they were near sighted that means they can see what's close to them, i'm assuming the cat was close to them, which means they are far sighted, they can see far but not close up, why are you all getting this mixed up?

  EffYoLife  |  14

you are a loser for focusing on the grammar of this post! its not an its not an English grammar website..the grammar is fine enough! You look like a huge dork for that!

Anyhoo..op? I think your cat has worms! lmao..gross


Eh? I was not.
I just pointed it out and continued typing about the FML.
You must be mistaking the loser here. -____-;
Oh well.. Why should I even care what returded people say anyway~


exactly. you just touched the worm...meanwhile the worm is living inside your cat and feeding off your cat's insides. oh, and not to mention, your cat has probably already touched it considering they lick themselves clean. wasn't that a pretty vivid image?

By  kurohana_fml  |  0

I call BS. Reading in bed? Nearsighted and didn't have your glasses on? And couldn't see what was hanging out of you cat's butt when it was sitting on your chest? If it's true, you deserved it.