By errints234234 - 13/05/2010 23:31 - United States

Today, I was reading a magazine while straightening my hair. I got really into this one article until suddenly a huge clump of hair fell on it. I looked up and realized I had burned through the layer of hair I was straightening, leaving me with one layer at ear length and the rest at bra length. FML
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YDI for not paying attention while doing your hair. Lame.


YDI for not paying attention while doing your hair. Lame.

oh. hmm. maybe next time read a boring novel so you dont get distracted? at first I was like  then i was like  now im 

Fake. When you burn your hair, you can smell it...

Lame is the best word ever invented btw <3 And yes op is lame for not watching while she straightens her hair

Who reads while doing their hair? lol Must be a girl thing. OP, ouch, but hair grows back.

Haha it is,it is! anyway...maybe it was on a super high setting and burned through it before she really realized the smell.(Not in OP's defence,juss sayin')

wait... aren't you supposed to put a layer in the straightened then pull down? OP, why were you were even holding your hair in it?! it's not like a curling iron, fool!

#20 lol no it's not a girl thing. I certainly don't do that and nobody I know. Op that's strange

I imagine it takes a while for hair to burn off. how high was the temp? jesus. either this fml is fake, or the op is just one of those humans whose parents shouldve never met.

first of all, how does hair burn through and fall off? secondly, just don't read. the task doesn't take that long so just read after you tard.

#23 It can burn through hair...especially if you hair is not completely dry. It's happened to my mom before.

You didn't smell your hair burning?

I would DIE if that happened to me

big deal just style ur hair like cassie

who knows maybe op will start a new hair style I call it the idiot

my straightener gets up to just 420 and trust me it wouldn't take long to literally burn through your hair. it could happen.

really how is that possible my straightner is 475 an dnt do anything close to that I don't see this being real unless ur hair really suxs an Is damanged beond belief

totally modded this... ydi

24- omfg I'm laughing my ass off at ur comment =) very funny and very true =)

nice that totaly suks balls

exactly #2 why don't we all give it a try

Have you ever heard of a thing called "blunt sarcasm" ??

yes... I was using your new idea of "sarcasm" aswell <3

did #2 get deleted? now it looks like i'm talking to myself, either that or I'm imagining it.

Yep, #2 is gone. I agree, OP is lame. Who the hell reads while doing their hair? My girlfriend texts me, talks on speakerphone, listens to music, and I've even seen her watch TV. But reading is brand new to me.

damnn you are gorgeous girl

475 degrees that's sooo bad for your hair!

102 wow just... wow. u couldn't a have at least put a shirt on???

And you didn't notice this sooner? YDI.

I dont believe this is true, surely you would smell the burning..?

way to give yourself a new hairstyle

haha you're an idiot OP. a diva and an idiot.

You're such a trend-setter!

I so read that in Red Foreman's voice

yeah how did you not notice you were burning thru your hair?

I didn't know a straightener could do that. Fry it yes, but burn hair straight through?

I once burned a hole through a bathrobe with a 100 watt lightbulb. It was an... "experiment." By that, I mean it started as an experiment, and i forgot about it until whatever I was watching was over. I was 11, though. I'm not sure if they get equally hot, but i can see this happening to an idiot.

I'm not sure.. I don't think a chunk of hair would be the same as cloth though? Anyway, if it's true she's a whole new level of idiot. If the smell of burning hair didn't rouse her.... Ugh.

this happened to me once when my sis was straightening my hair with a new flat iron..the setting was at 400+ degrees n it took only a few seconds of her holding down a chunk of my hair for it to fall out completely from the root :/

58 that happened to me too with a new straightener but I was doing my hair. it burned it in a matter of seconds. there wasn't even time for it to start to smell before it just fell out. then my straightener caught fire and melted. scared the heck outta me. but my husband thought it was hilarious. when I took it back they said it had happened before with that model. gee thanks for the heads up.

..why would they even make the temperature setting able to go that high? Good grief.

Really thick/curly hair requires a really high heat setting. Like I have to have my straightener on 365 degress for it to straighten mine decently.

yeah I agree