By errints234234 - United States
Today, I was reading a magazine while straightening my hair. I got really into this one article until suddenly a huge clump of hair fell on it. I looked up and realized I had burned through the layer of hair I was straightening, leaving me with one layer at ear length and the rest at bra length. FML
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  VenusBlue  |  0

Haha it is,it is!
anyway...maybe it was on a super high setting and burned through it before she really realized the smell.(Not in OP's defence,juss sayin')

  cparrenas  |  3

wait... aren't you supposed to put a layer in the straightened then pull down? OP, why were you were even holding your hair in it?! it's not like a curling iron, fool!


I imagine it takes a while for hair to burn off. how high was the temp? jesus.

either this fml is fake, or the op is just one of those humans whose parents shouldve never met.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Yep, #2 is gone.

I agree, OP is lame.
Who the hell reads while doing their hair?
My girlfriend texts me, talks on speakerphone, listens to music, and I've even seen her watch TV.
But reading is brand new to me.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I once burned a hole through a bathrobe with a 100 watt lightbulb. It was an... "experiment."
By that, I mean it started as an experiment, and i forgot about it until whatever I was watching was over. I was 11, though.

I'm not sure if they get equally hot, but i can see this happening to an idiot.

  kybabyy  |  4

I'm not sure.. I don't think a chunk of hair would be the same as cloth though?
Anyway, if it's true she's a whole new level of idiot. If the smell of burning hair didn't rouse her....


  nikka1227  |  0

this happened to me once when my sis was straightening my hair with a new flat iron..the setting was at 400+ degrees n it took only a few seconds of her holding down a chunk of my hair for it to fall out completely from the root :/

  morgan020  |  0

58 that happened to me too with a new straightener but I was doing my hair. it burned it in a matter of seconds. there wasn't even time for it to start to smell before it just fell out. then my straightener caught fire and melted. scared the heck outta me. but my husband thought it was hilarious. when I took it back they said it had happened before with that model. gee thanks for the heads up.