By Arran - United Kingdom
Today, I was reading a blog post by a girl that I really like. In the post, it said, "I know I'm not beautiful." I told her that I thought it wasn't true at all. She responded by crying hysterically and asking me why I would say that. It turned out that it actually said, "I know I'm beautiful." FML
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  trick619  |  0

how could op tell she was crying hysterically over a blog? "how could you say that!!' *crying historically* *the keyboard is wet with my tears* *now it's splashing on the screen* *I just filled an empty glass with my tears* *continuing to cry historically"

  Adamantoise  |  0

Get over it. it's a typo.

I was thinking the same thing trick. Maybe she called him afterwards?

And who says "I know I'm beautiful." Seems a bit stuck up, but I'm just assuming right now since it's out of context.

  Adamantoise  |  0

Or auto correct. I don't know his situation.

Either way, mocking someone even though you fully know their meaning is annoying to me.

Brains can have typos though. I guess. Like a brain fart.

  chlorinegreen  |  27

couldn't she be saying that no one has to tell her she's beautiful? it's a confidence thing maybe? or maybe even trying to make herself feel better. I rather hear "I am beautiful" then "I'm so ugly, I hate myself." who ever likes a debbie downer?

but then again she started crying so she couldn't be THAT confident. she could just be looking for compliments.

now I'm just contradicting myself. leaving now.

  Tysonator  |  0

what you say is true, 77, however I believe the egotism lies in the act of posting it on her blog; letting the world know that she finds herself attractive. just my opinion though.

  sloppyflow  |  1

I hate to break it to all of you. yes beauty is only skin deep, but how can anyone see through the skin in the first meet? it takes time to fully understand how beautiful a person is inside but until then we'd still judge them by how they look. if given chance, who would want to look ugly?

  CutiePie_101  |  7

67- People who believe looks are worh alot, are going to miss out on true love. True love is about the personality and the connection they have. Not the looks they are born with. Looks are the only thing people base their relationship on, which is pretty dumb. You never judge someone because of the way they look, you judge them on the personality they have.

  sloppyflow  |  1

I hate to break it to all of you. yes beauty is only skin deep, but no one can see throught the skin. it takes time to understand how beautiful a person is inside. but until then? we still judge people by how they look. if given chance, who would want to look ugly?


Or maybe someone called her ugly and she was trying to make herself feel better? If one person telling her she's not beautiful made her start crying hysterically then she's probably really insecure about how she looks and not conceited at all.

  belle2113  |  0

I agree 59 and 65. Just because a women calls herself beautiful does not mean she's a conceited bitch. She has self respect and confidence but people take that the wrong way because so many women lack that self respect and hate those women. It really pisses me off.

  copo37  |  7

well then why put it in a blog post for all to see? I'm sorry but I don't see a lot of self respecting women flaunting around on post. those confident women mostly keep it to themselves and let their other qualities show. the ones that want attention, and feel like they are better than every one else throw this shit on a blog post. so she could possibly be conceited or just wants people to look at her either way.

  anilaa  |  0

I agree with 88. If you wanted attention you would post it so everyone could see and comment on it. If you had confidence and self respect you'd not post that you are beautiful, you'd just be happy with it and move on.

  GaryMuzz  |  4

maybe the girl does have self esteem issues about whether or not she is pretty and thus said in her blog, "I know im beautiful" as a way to reassure herself. she doesn't have to be full of her self to need self reassurance.

would make sense as to why she would cry when someone says " thats not true".

GL op

  teeheelicious  |  2

some people are just obsessed with blogs and post basically every thought that comes to their mind on their blog. so just because she posted it on her blog doesnt mean shes conceited. but if she started crying then yeah she probably is insecure.

  Prolusive  |  5

OP could have recovered.
He said:
'That's not true.'
If in the next post, after she cried and such he said:
'You're not beautiful, you're stunning.'
Then problem solved! :D