By KiwiBlam - 07/02/2010 09:19 - New Zealand

Today, I was racing some mates to the beach and I decided to take a short-cut by jumping over a low wall. I didn't realise the wall was to stop people falling into the stormwater drain. Which is 3 metres deep. And has razor-sharp oysters growing at the bottom. FML
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watch where ur jumping dumbass. actually dont cuz fmls like this are funny!

wasn't there a sign?


omg ydi for trying to cheat

u seriously deserved it

razor sharp oysters goin up ur bumhole

he's not some midget whose ass is 1.5 feet off the ground

He said meters dumbass. That would be around 9 feet :P

ydi for saying mates

OP lives in New Zealand. they say mates there, idiot

41 your the dumbass, if it was 3 yards maybe

meter and yard sticks are about the same length....

69 you do know a meter is like 3 inches longer then a yard, right?

I just to know if he still won!

Meters is smaller than feet

watch where ur jumping dumbass. actually dont cuz fmls like this are funny!

I'm surprised he didn't break anything.

lol your friends must have gotten a good laugh

wasn't there a sign?

how is tht gross?

ahaha. poor op. hope you only needed stitches and not a cast.

what does op stand for? original person official person official poster original poster?! what is it?!

Well, at least you got it right the fourth time, eh?

original poster

I always thought it meant objective person. of course now I know objective people are women. or men if your a woman.

I used to think OP meant Ordinary Person. I don't even know.

Ow...I feel for you. Oyster shells are evil.

How'd you survive? -_

I agree how did he?

it's only nine feet

tell you what, you jump nine feet into a storm drain full of oysters than you tell us what it's like.

this would be why you don't jump over walls that you can't see what is on the other side. lesson learned.