By Heather - 04/03/2010 12:49 - United Kingdom

Today, I was quite happily glossing my new bathroom door, when my useless, alcoholic, housemate came rolling in, knocked the paint over, stood in it and without realising, walked it all the way down the stairs. I had just had a brand new carpet fitted. FML
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ydi for having an alcoholic for a roomate an then expecting to have nice things!

you should have stopped your roommate before he walked out


you should have stopped your roommate before he walked out

Show me the CarFax.

wrong fml dumby

YDI for leaving the kitchen.

kitchen thing isn't funny after the first time

Sometimes you can't pick who live with. I was renting a room from someone once when he decided to rent out another one of his rooms to a drunk whore who brought any guy up to her room while her 1 year old ran around breaking things and crying. Would I have chosen to live with her? Not in a million years.

thats not the whole story I know it

fisheatsbear I like ur picture

agreed with 27!!! This kitchen joke was: 1st time: Annoyingly dumb 2nd time: not remotly funny 3rd time: wants to kill person who posted it ... wait, it's always been all three of those! ugh!!

Stop writing and get back to the kitchen #50!

^^^lmao! okay, THAT kitchen joke was funny as hell XD. @iPhone: stop autocorrecting "Hell" to "He'll" and "fucked" to "ducked". I wanna swear...dammit

throw him out? like they need to do with this goddamn anti flood

ydi for having an alcoholic for a roomate an then expecting to have nice things!

OP said housemate, not roomate, it could be a family member

I moderated this one

Who the fuck cares? This is almost as bad as the "first!" nitwits..

ydi for having an alcoholic roommate

Remove his head with a heavy item? Simple as that

Get him kicked out for recklessly damaging property, and keep his part of the damage deposit to pay for a new carpet.

Kick his @$$. If he's too drunk to realise what he did then he won't remember where the bruises are from

LOOOOL ^^^ win.

Its time to send your house mate packing. What a dickwad

YDI for having a useless, alcoholic housemate. I find it hard to believe that you couldn't find anyone else to share a house with. Also, YDI for not stopping them before they walked down the stairs. Good grief.

They probably didn't realize that the person was an alcoholic until it was too late. Typically, when you move into a place you sign a lease, and breaking that (by kicking them out) can end up costing you a ton unless they break the lease first.

lol. the fatass came rolling in like Golem >:p

lmao that's funny shit.

There is not a s in realize therefore no s in realizing. Wow, that wasn't hard. :|

It is in the UK, dumbass. You just made yourself look fucking stupid -_-

I don't mean to scare you, but USA isn't the only country in the world.

So I moderated this fml and it cracked me up yes FYL but it was halarious!